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12 March 2024programmatic-ads-vs-google-display-ads

Programmatic Ads vs Google Display Ads  

So why compare Programmatic ads vs Google Display Ads? Well as AI becomes more prevalent in Google Display Network, there will be more opportunties to improve your media spend in programmatic

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30 January 2024Headless CMS SEO

Headless CMS: A Game-Changer for Organisations and SEO

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the adoption of headless CMS platforms has emerged as a transformative solution, providing organisations and SEOs with unprecedented benefits. This article explores how a headless CMS can revolutionise content production, strengthen dev/SEO relationships, enhance web security, and boost website performance.

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19 January 2024brisbane ai content detection

Navigating the World of AI Detection

In our digital world, pinpointing AI generated text is key to help ensure search engine algorithms don't penalise the content or domain. This blog delves into AI content detection, guiding you to spot the subtle signs of machine-written text. It's a blend of art and science, essential for maintaining authenticity in our online interactions.

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28 November 2023server side

The Benefits of Server-Side GTM

In the ever changing world of digital marketing, data and precision is crucial. In this world, there has been a significant leap forward in the evolution of tag management systems. Not simply an upgrade, but a complete re-imagining of how tags function; server-side GTM offers unmatched control and optimisation on data collection and user-interactions.

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21 November 2023GitHub AI and the Future of Development

GitHub AI and the Future of Development

Since launched in March 2023, GitHub’s AI powered Copilot has transformed the life of numerous programmers and development focused agencies, offering innovative solutions that have redefined the way developers approach and execute new projects.

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10 November 2023crm services brisbane

Top CRM’s to Enhance Your Customer Sales Strategy for 2024

Increasingly, businesses are transitioning to a decoupled architecture, with a cloud-based CRM system at the forefront of this shift. Delve into how a unified CRM platform revolutionises the sales and marketing landscape, and discover why BFJ Digital was an early adopter of this transformative approach.

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2 June 2023The rise of voice search and AI

The rise of voice search and AI

As today’s digital landscape continues to evolve, businesses need to keep up with the latest trends and technologies to remain competitive. One area that has seen tremendous growth in recent years is voice search and artificial intelligence (AI).

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29 May 2023The future of video marketing

The future of video marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are two emerging technologies that are transforming the way we create and distribute video content.

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2 February 2023Video ad placements continue to evolve

Video ad placements continue to evolve

Our appetite for video isn’t slowing down any time soon. Video is ubiquitous to the online experience and for marketers, this makes it an incredibly powerful tool. Why is it so powerful? Because, people love video.

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2 February 2023How Your Website Is Costing You Money

How Your Website Is Costing You Money

When marketing your business, your ads are only half the battle when it comes time for you to pay for a click in an auction. The other half is the website landing pages, where people are taken once they click on your ad. 

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8 June 2022Video marketing strategy

Video changes the game

Despite 81% of internet traffic being video content, most businesses don’t understand its value, don’t do it properly or don’t do it at all. Like anything in marketing, if it’s to be done right, you need to understand why you’re doing it and what your target audience needs.

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8 June 2022TikTok Insights explained

TikTok Insights explained

TikTok Insights is a new tool to help businesses and advertisers find out more about the TikTok community’s behaviour, their interests and how they connect and feel about brands.

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8 June 2022What is content marketing?

What is content marketing?

Marketing guru Seth Godin tells us what we're selling when we're using content marketing. "We sell feelings, status, and connection, not tasks or stuff." Seth Godin

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8 June 20223 Tips to Maximise Local SEO

3 Tips to Maximise Local SEO

Whether you have a single business location or multiple, a Local SEO strategy is key to help bring awareness to your brand, your services, and your locations. With “Near me” or "close by" type searches growing by more than 900% over two years (Source: Chat Meter), your customers are hungry to learn what options are available.

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8 June 2022Shopify vs Wordpress, which Ecommerce CMS wins?

Shopify vs Wordpress, which Ecommerce CMS wins?

Shopify vs Wordpress is a common question we get asked almost weekly. Being agnostic to systems we have no reason to support 1 more than the other, however we certainly do have recommendations for both in different scenarios.

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8 June 2022Why use BigQuery for your GA4?

Why use BigQuery for your GA4?

With the movement to GA4, Google has offered the linking of your GA Property to BigQuery for free now. Previously this feature was only available for those with a GA360 account, this opens a whole new level of marketing for those working with digital-led brands.

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6 June 2022Digital Maturity, what is it?

Digital Maturity, What Is It?

For CMO's looking to keep up with the demands of digital marketing 1 thing is clear -it's a fast moving and complicated process to explain the current digital landscape in a way C-suite or others will understand.

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