The Best Ads and Marketing Agency in Brisbane: Don’t Compromise on Your Advertising!

The Best Ads and Marketing Agency in Brisbane: Don’t Compromise on Your Advertising!

The time has come

Your business is ready to grow, you have the best service and your products are all fully stocked. Your staff are highly trained, motivated, and ready for action. Now you need a marketing agency to help launch your advertising campaigns and bring in much-needed sales from online and social audiences. However, you’re in a quandary. You don’t know any agencies or advertisers. How do you know who’s right for you?

We’ve dealt with hundreds of business people facing this exact situation. It’s hard to know who to trust, particularly when you’re not even sure which questions you should ask to begin with.

To help point the conversation in the right direction, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of what you should be looking for when searching for the best advertising and marketing agency you can find.


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Past work

Many quality marketing agencies will have a portfolio of past work you can take a look at. In fact you can start searching right away by closely checking out their website. Their portfolio and site should showcase different types of campaigns across different industries and, hopefully illustrate their capabilities across a range of business environments, budgets and success metrics.

If you already have a specific marketing campaign in mind for your business, make sure that your Brisbane ad agency has the right experience and right specialists to take on your marketing and advertising channels. Ask questions about their past work, where they expect challenges to arise, and how they’ve coped with difficult campaigns in the past, or campaigns similar to your own. If you aren’t yet firm on the type of marketing you’d like for your business, a good digital advertising agency will be able to help you develop the right bespoke digital strategy for your budget and needs.


Professionalism during the early stages of your relationship with any new Brisbane ad agency is a good indicator of how they will act throughout the rest of the marketing campaign. Staff who are outstanding experts in their field and yet also courteous and focussed on doing their job well are a good indicator of a great start to a business relationship. Alternatively, if they take a long time to respond, are generally sloppy in their attitude, or otherwise present multiple issues when you’re first trying to deal with them, it’s unlikely to get much better from there.


The level of deliverables and inclusions that come with any digital marketing package can cause a lot of frustration and confusion for people that are new to the process of engaging a marketing agency. Make sure you’re very clear on exactly what work will be done within the proposed budget. Think of things like expanding your marketing into new social channels, recreating campaigns every month to match new platform changes, creating and publishing content for your business social profiles, improving your brand awareness, organising events, replying to your ad comments and tracking your sales and leads against your ad spend. And that’s just on social media! You are going to want your business to rank at the top of the organic Google search results.

You also need to bring your marketing and sales together through your CRM. Does your new marketing agency offer you marketing inclusions that cover every customer touch point? There will be plenty more marketing and business improvement options available to you that you may not have considered.

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Your contract will outline the scope of work that the agency will perform. It’s important to be aware of what’s included because in some cases there might be a gap between your expectations and what’s delivered. Some advertisers for example, will limit themselves strictly to marketing only and won’t include the website management needed to ensure your campaigns’ connections to your website are always kept up to date. This will leave you with missed business opportunities or possibly no marketing while the campaigns go on hold and a developer is organised to make the needed website updates. All the major advertising channels like Google, Meta and TikTok frequently update their platforms and the connection between your ad campaigns into your website could be lost. You might also find that your contract doesn’t include access to a CRM expert or revenue reporting or other necessities that need to be set up and tested before advertising starts.

Do you need a contract? We don’t think so.  We have an outstanding reputation throughout the Brisbane business community. Instead of relying on confusing contracts, we rely on having Brisbane’s most experienced and talented channel experts on our team. We also tailor our strategies and retainers so you have everything your business needs for success in our month to month agreement.

If you have been asked to sign a contract with a marketing agency, read it carefully. Check what deliverables are included, how adjustments work, scheduled completion, and the countless other factors that may seem needless or unnecessary now but can be critically important when things go sideways.

Due diligence

Above all else, you need to make sure that you do your own due diligence. Going to market  is a big step for any business. For you to be sure you’re working with Brisbane’s best agency that can suit your budget, be a good fit with your business, be genuinely good people to have on your team, you have to do the research yourself.

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