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BFJ Digital provides insightful and strategic digital marketing solutions to drive business to a wide variety of clients around Australia.

BFJ Digital helps simplify what is a fast-moving technical industry. This month alone, be part of...

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How we build your digital marketing arsenal?

Data Driven Research


BFJ Digital's core is data. We combine millions of data points, networks, audience types, ad variations, keywords, and refine the output into a solution that is usable. Every project begins with a strategic process to determine how we use the data to deliver on our clients' objectives.

Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing success is built on the insights of data analytics and the value of your customer experience. At. Every. Touchpoint. We’re dedicated digital and brand strategy brains that translate benchmarked data into predictive customer behaviour to execute your masterplan for growth. Our digital marketing services are designed to be combined and act as a full marketing package, or to provide a single service line.

Data and Analysis


Increase your sales using our ecommerce platform strategies to win product orders again and again. Drive online visibility and revenue with smart automation, product and feed management to sell directly on a wide range of marketplaces and social channels. Whether it's ad networks, ERP integrations, or eCommerce websites we can help your build and manage your commerce stack.

Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is crucial for a business to evolve. Data management success hinges on the customer experience. For digital technology to be of benefit to your brand and your customer, integration works together across all aspects of business operations. There is no ‘one size fits all’.

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Our team

Steve - Google Ads Specialist


Paid Media

Samantha Kamala

Josh - BFJ

Joshua Delaware

Transformation Manager
Dom - BFJ


Digital Marketing Coordinator
Andre - BFJ


Front-end Developer
Reggie - BFJ


Web Developer
Paul - BFJ


Social Media Manager
David - BFJ




Web Developer
Anna - BFJ


Performance Media Specialist
Hannah - BFJ


Digital Marketing Specialist
Fabian - BFJ


Head of Transformation
Scott - BFJ


Digital Marketing Producer
Ben - BFJ


Managing Director / Founder

We build beneficial relationships with our clients to help ensure their marketing needs are serviced beyond their expectations.

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