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Smart Clinics

BFJ Digital demonstrates why they are Health Sector Digital Media Specialists with a comprehensive marketing package for one of Australia’s leading medical centre groups.

Why SEO in Health?

Generating enquiries or bookings in the health sector via organic traffic in search engines is a mandatory acquisition strategy for clinics looking to increase business without the need of ongoing media costs.

Smart Clinics Client

To put it simply, SEO is a longer term strategy for lead generation which will save your marketing resources.

We generated14,088conversions in 12 months via SEO:
  • Built, optimised and managed the website every month to ensure it continued to increase conversion numbers
  • Developed an off-site SEO strategy that tied in with content
  • Complete performance media strategy to drive bookings
  • Programmatic media

We increased Smart Clinic's organic traffic 330%

That's 5000 Google ranking improvements in under 12 months for a franchised Health Clinic group. Not bad right?


GP Digital Marketing Process

The outcome was a very high performing, responsive site. This paired with a social campaign strategy, email marketing tools & management and programmatic and Google display ads led to a wildly successful ongoing project.
Smart Clinics
BFJ Digital have ensured each individual clinic has bookings topped up via advanced Google Ads methods. These bookings are real customers, with actual cost per sale understood for each location around the country. That's enabled Smart Clinics to react to demand immediately.
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Having BFJ Digital manage all online channels for Smart Clinics has helped enable growth of the business nationally, whilst knowing the exact cost to launch new locations, and which channels work. Reporting those numbers has been key, with our purpose built dashboard reports has meant all stakeholders can see live results as they happen.
Smart Clinics
Smart Clinics

BFJ Digital is a stand out agency - these guys are highly skilled and their account management and response time is exceptional. Happy to recommend for SEM, SEO, website development, social and email marketing. SmartClinics has expanded from 1 medical centre to 40 in just 3 years and the BFJ team has been with us the whole way, recommending new and innovative campaigns and strategies that have achieved great results.

Smart ClinicsManager Director

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