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Gain more loyal customers by advancing your ecommerce marketing solution, from cross channel media strategies to fully integrated customer experience automation platforms.

    Advance your E-commerce stack
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    Why BFJ Digital Ecommerce?

    • Full E-ccomerce Marketing Stack enablement
    • Digital Media strategy driven by profit margins not vanity metrics
    • Advanced Ecommerce Product Feed Distribution & Optimisation
    • ERP, CRM, CXP, CMS, Media, Reporting all in 1 agency.
    Advance your ecommerce

    Fully integrated E-commerce Stack solution

    Why BFJ Digital for your E-commerce?

    Proven Results. Our clients consistently achieve high ROAS and increased online sales with our E-commerce digital marketing agency expertise.

    We can design, develop and manage your entire ecommerce marketing stack, from awareness through to retention.

    Our E-commerce services are designed to enable businesses and marketers seamlessly deliver a customer experience that drives profit, not vanity metrics.

    Advance your E-commerce
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    Digital Strategies That Drive Profit

    BFJ Digital's E-commerce services are sophisticated campaigns from automated product feeds that self-optimise, to performance media campaigns that are focused on profit, not revenue.

    220% Conversion Rate Increase

    Trusted Global Clients

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    E-commerce stack audit drive's immediate success

    We recently moved all of our businesses to BFJ. The growth in the quality and performance of all metrics across the digital media / SEO spectrum has been nothing short of spectacular. Their diligence, strategy and tenacity in repairing legacy social platform issues too has been excellent. Clear communication of strategy and reporting of outcomes allow us to understand our spend and success of campaigns through them. Highly recommend.

    Paul, Director, Ainslie Bullion Digital Marketing & Stack Audit

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    Product Feed Marketing

    Harness the power of your product feed

    An imperative aspect of improving channel presence and E-commerce growth is through the optimisation of your product feed. Our clients are put in an advanced position above their competitors due to our custom tools, scripts and strategies that lead to efficient advertising placement. Our dynamic feed systems provide the ability to utilise automatic, updating feeds that are dynamically populated in real-time.

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    Meta Shopping

    Enhance your Meta E-commerce campaign

    Boost E-commerce success by nurturing a prosperous Meta Ad campaign. Utilising Meta's advertising tools for E-commerce is essential. Meta ads seamlessly integrate with everyday interactions of its users, becoming a natural aspect of the user journey and with the new adoption of Advantage + Shopping Campaigns, analysing and optimising campaigns has never been more powerful.

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    Google Shopping Integration

    Optimise your E-commerce feed

    E-commerce Google Shopping campaigns are not a one-size fits all approach, they should be tailored to each individual business. In our approach, we dive into an extensive analysis of your products, market position, and competitive landscape.

    With a data-driven and results-focussed approach, at BFJ Digital we do more than manage campaigns; we examine, analyse, and optimise. What makes us unique, is our access to cutting-edge tools & systems that provide detailed insights that we utilise in our decision making.

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    Organic E-commerce SEO

    Improve your businesses organic visibility

    With 93% of all traffic beginning with organic search, SEO is undoubtedly a key player in the success of an E-commerce business. It is a great opportunity to step forward in front of your competition by appearing higher in search rankings and in turn, boosting your organic traffic.

    Advance your E-commerce Stack
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    ERP Development

    Integrate your whole stack

    We can develop your whole marketing stack which includes ERPs such as Dear Inventory, Netsuite, Fisbowl, sap, myob, dynamics, to name a few.

    BFJ Digital's marketing stack solution is agnostic which enables us to choose best in market to suit your business.

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    Shopify Ecommerce Development

    E-commerce CRM & CDP Development

    Integrate your whole stack

    E-commerce CRM development is one of the more crucial components of your marketing stack to help ensure you get the best return on your technology investment.

    We can work with most platforms which might include Salesforce, Hubspot, Dot Digital, Sap, Pipe-drive, Dynamics to name a few.

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    GA4 E-commerce Integration

    Personalised, granular reporting

    Integrating Google Analytics 4 with your E-commerce business provides a granular view of user behaviours across your websites, apps, and offline environments, which enables your business to analyse the complete lifecycle of the customer. GA4 also provides another powerful tool within its arsenal, predictive insights. These use machine learning algorithms to turn E-commerce data into actionable, accurate, data-driven decisions.
    We can work with most platforms which might include Salesforce, Hubspot, Dot Digital, Sap, Pipe-drive, Dynamics to name a few.

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    E-commerce Digital Audit / Research Process


    Objective Setting

    Determine your business, marketing and technology objectives.


    Data Analysis

    Determine what systems, data, reporting exists to build a research hypothesis. Determine what systems, data, and reporting exist to build a research hypothesis.


    Marketing Stack Modernisation

    Determine which parts of the marketing stack need improvement and recommend a final solution.


    Media Audit

    Audit and review all media to determine the health of the accounts/campaigns.


    Strategy Development

    Present a final strategy for you to implement with transparent reporting for benchmarking.


    Generate profit, not vanity metrics

    What E-commerce digital marketing is actually working? Let us show you.

    • Connect and report profit to digital ad performance
    • Improve your marketing CX
    • Reduce media wastage
    • Omnichannel approach to increase profit and decrease acquisition