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Higher performance, ultra-fast headless websites

The switch to a Headless Architecture brings many improvements to a business website and systems, enhancing its performance, speed, security, scores and uptime, and making new integrations and transformations possible.

  • Swift page load times and less bounce rates
  • Higher performance scores and higher SEO ranking
  • API-First websites and multi-channels integration
  • Increased uptime, security and streamlined content management
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Headless Websites

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Why Switch to Headless?

On a traditional CMS, the front-end (presentation layer) and the back-end (content management system layer) are tied together, that way, your website’s layout is completely dependent on how your back-end was built.

A headless content management system breaks this reliance and creates a fully independent content layer. By using a headless approach, your business is able to deliver, receive, update and delete content from anywhere through APIs, increasing page dynamism, user/editor experiences and, therefore, generating more quality leads and conversions.

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BFJ Headless Technologies

Headless Web Development

  • Dynamic page layouts, targeting specific customers and increasing conversions
  • Skyrocket your user's experience with blazingly fast websites
  • API-based systems enabling you to deliver anything everywhere
  • Internationalise with language localisation and worldwide CDNs
Go headless with BFJ

Switch to Headless and Boost your Conversions and Digital Authority

SEO scores, with next-gen speed and performance
Uptime SLA and CDN distribution with increased security
of businesses that don’t have headless architecture today say they plan to implement it in the next 2 years

Benefits of a headless web development

Blazingly fast
fast websites

Load faster, retain more

  • Static site generators make load times irrelevant
  • Keep users engaged longer and convert more
  • Almost instantaneous navigation between pages
Improved SEO Performance
Improved SEO Ranking

Power up your SEO & rank higher

  • Structured content management system
  • Dynamic Schema generation, improving site's relevancy
  • Speeded-up content editing & better editor experience
Multi-channel Integration
multichannel integration

Manage content for more channels

  • Integrate and distribute content via APIs
  • Manage your site, store and intranet systems seamlessly
  • Connect CRMs, marketing tools and analytics effortlessly

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How we build Headless CMS



All BFJ builds start with a thorough roadmap planning analysis and competitor research. We excel in providing detailed industry insights specific to your business and action areas.



BFJ works with the migration from a traditional CMS to a headless CMS or building one from scratch. Our headless development approach is built on top of a comprehensive content structure and distribution channels, putting your business in the spotlight.



Headless CMS provide excellent tools to increase conversions and boost up your business. At BFJ the optimisation process for both, performance and speed, and SEO ranking is at the core of our headless CMS builds.



Integrate with all your channels, ads tracking, CRM reports and analytics, creating a powerful decoupled CMS that seamlessly manage your content everywhere.



Launch to the world your headless cms, increase leads, conversion, revenue and get ready to scale up your business.

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Go headless with BFJ and grow your business

Maximise your business systems with the leading Brisbane digital agency. BFJ Digital offers enterprise-level headless CMS solutions, connecting your website and all your distribution channels into one integrated platform. Benefit from a decoupled cms architecture and make your business ready to convert.

  • Websites made to convert, built with powerful, cutting-edge technologies
  • Integrate all your CRMs, ads, marketing, tracking and systems seamlessly
  • Super fast, performative and highly dynamic websites
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How does a Headless CMS work?

When to use a headless CMS

Headless CMS is an advanced architecture that enables businesses to deliver data and content across multiple channels more easily. If your company is aiming to expand its digital influence and broaden its customer base reach, a headless CMS can be the key to integrating and distributing dynamic content seamlessly anywhere.

What is an API and how do APIs work with headless technology?

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are a way where applications can communicate to each other, sharing, updating and expanding data and information. Headless CMS and headless websites in general follow an API-First approach, which means that all the content displayed to the end users is generated through an API.

This way, multiple 3rd party integrations can be connected to the API, making content completely dynamic for each user, increasing conversion rate, user experience and business revenue.

How do I choose the right headless CMS for my project?

At BFJ, we’re always at the cutting-edge of new technologies and methodologies when it comes to the digital landscape. Our team first evaluates your business needs and the pain points. After an extensive competitors’ research and industry reports, we analyse what headless CMS architecture will better suit your company’s needs. Our all decisions are tailored to your business specifically, providing qualified web development solutions for your growth.

Use cases for Headless CMS

A headless CMS can fit various business needs. Ranging from faster websites with ultra-low page load times and better lighthouse performance scores to increased uptime and security and multi-channel distribution.

A headless CMS can be the right choice to integrate your business website and online store, or maybe even your intranet and mobile apps, all being managed from a single place, with dynamic content distribution across all platforms continuously.

Planning to go international? Headless CMS is top #1 in web development for multi-language business, with customers across the globe. With powerful Content Delivery Network, a headless CMS will provide what your business need to give the next step.

How secure is headless CMS?

By separating the presentation layer from the back-end, we put one more wall between your users and your database, maintaining all your digital content far from possible attackers. Differently from a traditional CMS, a headless CMS runs autonomously as a decoupled CMS.

In addition, headless CMS can benefit from static site generation, using advanced caching techniques to maintain your website up even in instances of database or backend disruptions.

What are some popular frameworks and tools for headless development?

During the last couple of years, NEXT.js has become one of the most popular frameworks to build headless CMS presentation layer. It makes use of powerful site and page generation tools creating a next-gen decoupled CMS structure.

When it comes to the content management system, WordPress is still being one the top solutions, however, robust competitors like Contentful, PayloadCMS and Sanity also provide really good options for small, medium or larger business.