Data & Analysis

Martech analysis empowers organisations to unlock actionable insights, optimise customer experiences, and drive strategic decision-making to improve business operations and marketing.

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Digital Performance Audit

How is your digital marketing stacking up against your competitors? From reviewing your attribution model, CX strategy and data integrity, right down to performance media audit, we can help ensure you're using best practices and are competitive.

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Digital Marketing Maturity

Self assess your business’s Digital Marketing Maturity

Complete a short 5-minute survey to benchmark how you compare via Google’s digital measurements. If you are a CMO, CTO, CEO, or business owner who wants to protect and transform your business, this will help you.

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1st Party Data Strategy

Struggling to utilise your 1st party data? Are you ready for the upcoming cookie apocalypse? Leverage and control your data to improve your marketing with the upcoming privacy changes.

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GA4 Auditing

Empower your business to really understand what is working and what isn't with Google Analytics 4. Ensure your GA4 is developed and reporting accurately to match your business objectives.

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Feed Management

You don’t have to sit there creating product listings in each channel anymore.

Working with us means you can automate this process and introduce intelligent, dynamic feed processing, drastically increasing your channel presence.

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Offline Revenue Attribution

Measure offline sales from digital activity.

Close the gap between your sales and your digital marketing so you can prove your ROI, and manage your budgets to increase overall revenue.

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Harness Data, Drive Decisions.

Dive into data clarity with BFJ Digital, pinpointing lead sources and conversions. Utilise independent analysis to streamline processes and optimise investments.

  • Single Source Reporting: Ensure consistent and trustworthy insights.
  • Automate and Elevate: Shift from data entry to focusing on growth.
  • Bespoke Data Training: Equip your team with the knowledge they need.
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