Search Engine Marketing

Maximise your Return on Investment (ROI), help drive ideal customers to your website and increase your conversion rates with BFJ Digital as your Brisbane search engine marketing agency.

Effectively reach your target audience.
Drive traffic to your website through digital marketing.
Boost leads and conversions on your website.
Highly flexible to optimise your advertising spend.
Optimise landing pages to get the most out of your website.
Grow your brand awareness among new audiences.
Increase Your Revenue Today

One Agency, One Marketing Package

Book a free session to elevate your search engine marketing (SEM) performance. Save time and costs with a comprehensive, streamlined approach from a trusted search engine marketing company in Brisbane.


Why Advertise With Search Engine Marketing?

Over 71% of website traffic to brand is through search. So you have every reason to have a robust search strategy working for you while you sleep.

Your search engine marketing plan needs a research strategy based on data insights and a keyword messaging matrix that builds into a well-executed campaign. Does it work? Let our results do the talking. Our search engine marketing experts are ready to grow your business.

Need a knockout search engine digital marketing strategy? You’ve come to the right place.

Grow with us.

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Search Engine Marketing

  • Meet with SEO services specialists to build your digital marketing campaigns
  • Promote to potential customers that are not aware of your business yet
  • Integrate your existing customer databases to find similar people
  • Optimise your advertising to minimise your marketing costs
  • Stand out in front of the competition and get to customers first
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Search Engine Marketing Stats

Of advertisers invest in search engine marketing
Of individuals click on advertisements when making purchases
Of all mobile advertising spending goes to Google

The Benefits of a Digital Marketing Agency

Search Marketing Brisbane

Creative Agency

Media Agency

In-House Team

PR Agency

One-Stop Shop for All Services


Google Ads Partner

Closed Loop Reporting

A/B Testing

Revenue Attribution

Integration With CRMs

Dynamic Phone Call Tracking

SmartClinics Grows From One to 40+ Clinics With One Agency

BFJ Digital has been a trusted and valued partner of Better Medical and SmartClinics for many years. They are results-oriented and provide a range of digital marketing services each month, including SEO, website management, content production, digital advertising, and much more! They are experts in the field, and deliver consistently outstanding service. Thanks, team!

Chief Marketing Officer - Better MedicalView Case Study

Grow Your Business With Search Engine Marketing

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Flexible Advertising Strategies With Search Engines

  • Search advertising (Google Ads, Bing Ads, and more).
  • Display advertising.
  • Video content advertising.
  • Remarketing advertising.
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Maximise Your Search Engine Digital Marketing

  • Effectively reach your target audience.
  • Drive new traffic and customers to your website.
  • Boost conversions and lead generation through search marketing.
  • Optimise landing pages to get the most out of your website.
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Understand Your Return on Investment (ROI)

  • With all your lead points in place, you can calculate your exact return on investment.
  • Work with our team to understand your media spend and what the returns with customers.
  • Don't just make random budget guesses, plan your campaign budgets accordingly.

How We Do It


Book a Free Strategy Call

On a free strategy call, we'll together determine how we deliver your business objectives via paid search ads.



You tell us your goals and we'll work out exactly what your business needs online via research, competition analysis and our industry knowledge.



After the brief and research we'll build you a digital marketing strategy with search engine marketing campaigns that we know will drive you business.



Our specialist search engine marketing channel team members will apply the digital strategy developed to deliver sales.



Throughout the months it's our job to improve month on month the results we deliver. Whether that's lowering cost of media, to increasing sales or another objective.



We use live 24/7 dashboards for every client so they know exactly what's going on at any point in term. Monthly insightful meetings or emails help clients understand how we drove results from our search campaigns.


Search Engine Marketing Expertise

At BFJ Digital, we specialise in tailoring strategies to your goals such as lead generation and online sales. Not only will we refine your target audience and tailor your paid media strategy toward your business goals, but we also provide valuable insights into your digital success and create comprehensive solutions to help increase your ROI. There is no channel that we can’t market on, whether your marketing package requires email marketing, social media, advertising on search engines, or adjustments to your landing pages, we cover it all.

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Search Ads

Organic traffic won’t be powerful enough alone to beat your competitors. Work with experts in one of the best Brisbane SEM agencies to build a long-term strategy to help enhance your online visibility through paid advertising. Increase your brand awareness through advertising on the search engine results pages to draw more customers to your website and achieve high-quality leads.

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Display Ads

Take your advertising beyond the search results pages with display advertising. Target your paying customers with eye-catching visual ads as they browse online to make sure your business is at the forefront of their minds.

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Shopping Ads

Leverage your products and start generating more sales, profit, and search engine visibility. We can work with any website to develop a top notch product feed to serve the best ads and a seamless shopping experiencing showcasing your product’s imagery, title, price, store name, and more.

Drive More Traffic and Sales
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BFJ Digital is Your Leading Search Engine Marketing Agency

With years of experience in the digital world, BFJ Digital provides a personalised service for all new customers to achieve their business goals. We help businesses reach top-of-page results and quality leads through tailored marketing services. This ongoing success has led to us being a worldwide trusted Brisbane search engine marketing agency. Our ongoing digital marketing strategies and optimisation of search terms will provide business growth, help drive more sales, and deliver results.

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Working with BFJ Digital

Real-World Results

Why BFJ Digital?

Increasing revenue and gaining more website traffic is best done through search engine marketing. But it needs to be done well. And by the best.

At BFJ Digital, our team of search engine marketing experts are here to take you to the top of the results page. With our in-depth knowledge and advanced strategies, we can get you noticed by Google, Bing and a wider range of consumers.

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Maximise Your Business With Search Engine Marketing

Book a free session to elevate your search engine marketing performance. Save time and costs with our SEM agency’s comprehensive, streamlined approach.

  • Meet with a strategy specialist to build a growth plan
  • Increase your media performance by up to 200%
  • Improve business efficiencies to increase ROI via automation and increase profit
  • Utilise Google Ads, Bing Ads and more

Search Engine Marketing FAQs

How much does search engine marketing cost per month?

Search engine marketing costs can fluctuate differently between industries and keywords based on what you are looking to achieve with your advertising targeting. This can range from less than $500/month to more than $10,000/month. This cost goes directly to Google for all their advertising spend. Let our team help you understand what type of SEO campaigns fit within your budget.

When using search engine marketing, where can your ads appear?

Depending on the type of strategy and ad campaigns you are running, your Google Ads can appear in a multitude of places. These can appear differently per search campaign, display campaign, or even remarketing advertising. Talk to our team today to work out what placements suit your strategy for online success.

What search engines do you use in your advertising?

BFJ Digital primarily focuses on Google Search and Bing Search. Depending on the client’s requirements and their budget, we will focus on one or both of these. The combination of these two search engines provides our customers the maximum opportunity to advertise to their customers while optimising their budgets.

What is the difference between search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing?

SEO is used for gaining traffic from organic results and improving website content. A search marketing strategy also uses SEO techniques to gain visibility through paid search via paid keyword search costs. This form of paid ads will appear in the top section of the search engine result pages, usually above all organic traffic results.

Does SEO have an impact on SEM?

Yes, SEO has an impact on your search engine marketing, along with your organic search engine rankings. This is noted through the quality scoring system applied in Google Ads. The best option is to have an SEO strategy in place along with your Google campaigns to make sure that your landing page contains the correct SEO keywords attached to your Google Advertising campaigns. This will help bring down overall costs.