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Griffith University News Website Development

Griffith University approached BFJ Digital to develop their news site subdomain. While the site was not designed by BFJ Digital, the digital marketing and transformation agency brought the designs to life successfully, utilising their experience in SEO and website transformation.

Collaboration and Communication Lead to a Successful Website Refresh and Migration

Griffith's existing site has been in place since 2005, and the purpose of the new subdomain was to provide a refresh. To do this, BFJ Digital worked closely with Griffith as the site was developed and content was merged.

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Site Development and Clean-Up Results

Content Migration+8,500Posts merged successfully
  • Site functionality increase
  • Efficient post management system
  • All data successfully migrated
  • Advanced website design
  • Redirects applied to all old links

Website Development Allows For Efficient Site Management

By creating a new website with a complete content clean-up, Griffith is able to manage their content and data more effectively

Website Development

Griffith provided BFJ Digital with the new website designs to bring to life, which they achieved successfully in a matter of weeks. BFJ Digital created the designs in a staging site so that Griffith's online operations wouldn't experience any disruptions, and so that they could witness the development in real-time. As one of the development goals was to refresh the site, BFJ Digital believed a collaborative working relationship would be best for the situation, and the staging site allowed Griffith to view the changes and express any comments on the visual aspect of the site.
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8,000 posts were needed to be moved to the new subdomain, as well as Griffith's 'Enlighten' website. Rather than just news-related content being carried over, this was a complete site migration. BFJ Digital applied their knowledge of SEO and website development to ensure the Enlighten site migration ran smoothly and with no disruptions to Griffith's operations during the process. BFJ Digital migrated all posts, imagery, data and users successfully from both websites.
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An extensive clean-up was required during the migration, as the original site's posts were associated with +1,500 tags. As a result, one of the goals of this migration was to also reduce the amount of tags per post during the migration. BFJ Digital was able to cut post tags down to 120, with redirect rules set up to ensure posts matched the new categories and tags. This has allowed better functionality for the new site from a user perspective
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To ensure Griffith's news site was able to generate significant organic traffic, BFJ Digital applied SEO best practices. This involved optimising off and on-page content, building internal links, and ensuring all migrated content was discoverable through re-directs.
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