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Kingsway Smart Loans Website, CRM & Sales Enablement

Kingsway Smart Loans approached BFJ to build their website and install a CRM system to modernise their marketing and sales stack. BFJ was engaged to not only help design and build their new website, but to also work with the sales team to implement a CRM into their sales process to help manage their ongoing business.

Digital Transformation at its finest.

It is important for businesses to always be looking to keep up with their competitors, and our team at BFJ found it incredibly satisfying to assist Kingsway in this endeavour. At BFJ, we tailor our team's approach to suit your unique business needs, helping audit, design and choose the systems you need. We become a partner you can trust for your Digital Transformation.

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Growing organic traffic with a new website

  • New Website
  • CRM Build
  • CRM & Sales Training
  • Email Marketing

Working with BFJ Digital to modernise your Business

First, we always interview the staff and document exisiting process. It's important to understand that we are working with people who have daily habits. Once we can replicate the process, we can add improvements into that flow. We offer training sessions and weekly check-ins to offer personalised training and guidance.
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Part of our engagement is a strategic audit and workshop to understand your business and leading competitors in your space. It is important to understand what works, in order to replicate it across your new website, and then innovate on that success.
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By understanding the core problems within the business, BFJ can analyse, scope, and audit each issue and design a system that not only enhances marketing but also increases revenue across multiple departments.
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shopify automation brisbane

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  • We cut to the chase. What digital marketing is actually working?
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