GA4 Auditing

Fine Tune Your Data Collection

Accurate data collection is crucial to resonating with your audience and in turn, to a successful business. A refined Google Analytics 4 configuration solidifies the accuracy and quality of your business' data. Empower your business with real data and real insights.

  • Gain a comprehensive view of the data layer with Google Tag Manager
  • Use Conversion Path Analysis to visualise your funnel
  • Track unique, business specific data points with advanced segmentation
  • Make swift, data driven decisions with fully customisable reporting
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GA4 Development & Strategy

  • Comprehensive measurement across channels & platforms
  • Reporting in real-time with a more intuitive interface
  • Advanced AI and machine learning capabilities for deeper insights
  • Enhanced customisation abilities for data tracking and reporting
  • Tackle the toughest questions you have on your business
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Google Analytics 4 Statistics

of the top 100,000 most-visited websites use GA4
13 Million
websites are using Google Analytics 4
of all websites utilise Google Analytics

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Funnel Visualisation

Conversion Path Analysis

Utilise conversion analysis in your GA4. Allow your businesses to trace the sequence of interactions a user has with their website or app data before a conversion occurs. This is particularly crucial for understanding cross-platform tracking and the effectiveness of different marketing channels. By analysing these conversion paths, businesses can optimise their Google Ads strategies and refine their funnel visualisation techniques.

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Analytics Data

Advanced Segmentation

GA4’s advanced segmentation allows for the creation of Custom Dimensions, enabling the tracking of unique, business-specific data points. These Custom Dimensions can range from tracking membership levels on websites to specific customer behaviours, providing a more tailored view of user interactions.

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The Importance of the Data Layer

Google Tag Manager

Implementing a Data Layer significantly enhances the accuracy of data collected in Google Analytics 4. This is particularly crucial as GA4 shifts towards event-based tracking, where the precision of each interaction matters greatly. This polished approach allows for the collection of a richer set of data points, including app data and visitor data, which are crucial for understanding the customer journey.

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Advanced E-commerce Reporting

Google Analytics Reports

GA4’s integration into e-commerce platforms offers an in-depth view of customer interactions across websites, apps, and even offline environments, enabling businesses to track the entire customer lifecycle.
Google Analytics enhances e-commerce data collection by providing predictive insights using machine learning algorithms, which can forecast customer lifetime value and churn rates.

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Offline attribution

Measure offline sales from digital activity.

Close the gap between your sales and your digital marketing so you can prove your ROI, and manage your budgets to increase overall revenue. Leveraging the Measurement Protocol API, BFJ can build custom offline & online reporting solutions.

Using advanced enterprise reporting methodology via our custom data warehouses our digital marketing campaigns can be attributed to your sales even if those sales occur offline. This powerful reporting means you will know exactly which campaigns are working.

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Attribution modeling

Discover what really worked

By implementing a digital attribution model marketers are able to determine what platform, channel, campaign, keyword or creative really generated the sale.

Complex models such as multi-touch, ai data modelling ensure your attributing the success of the sale to the whole customer journey, not just the first or last click. Don’t get tricked into letting a single platforms reporting sway your valuable marketing budget.

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Optimise your Google Analytics

Working with BFJ Digital

Our expertise in integrating GA4 into eCommerce platforms ensures that our clients benefit from real-time, actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions.

With BFJ Digital, businesses can utilise the full potential of GA4’s enhanced capabilities, including its seamless integration with Google Ads and the ability to delve deeper into customer behaviour analytics through BigQuery.

Our focus on custom dimensions and granular data analysis reflects our dedication to tailored marketing strategies that resonate with each unique audience.

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Google Analytics - The BFJ Digital Process


Understand Your Perspective

First, we gather an understanding of your business processes and its conversion points.



We then devise a strategy to which solidifies the accuracy and quality of your business' data.


Approve Then Develop

Once approved, we meticulously build your GA4 setup.


Track & Examine

We work closely with you to ensure your setup is functioning as it should.


Detailed Reporting

We ensure that your Google Analytics 4 setup not only collects data but transforms it into actionable insights

Let's get in touch to discuss your data and strategise a GA4 solution that works for you

We’re eager to perform, our team and our passionate culture will ensure your bespoke GA4 build provides high quality, accurate data to make informed data driven decisions.

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