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Fix Dental wins Digital Marketing Award

BFJ Digital has over 200 multi-location medical industry clients, with Fix Dental's growth illustrating why we’re specialists in the health industry.

Our Digital Marketing won an award for Fix Dental

We used a mix of media platforms from Paid Search, Social Media, Programmatic and SEO to enable this dental group to grow and own popular search terms like dentist prices.

dentist digital marketing

How did we own the digital space for this dental group?

We generated5,159 New organic search results from SEO campaigns
  • Built a fast, custom, and SEO optimised website
  • Developed an in-depth keyword plan with content that ranked immediately
  • Beyond search and social media, we introduced programmatic media to advance the media strategy
  • Built a local area strategy for the dentist locations

410 new keywords

In 2 months we booked out a new dentist location, ensuring the business expansion was an immediate success<br />


Digital marketing process for Fix Dental

Ensuring the website is fast, optimised, and has the customer's UX at its core ensured any media, or SEO investment immediately paid dividends. The WordPress website is a custom project with Google Cloud hosting which ensures its performance is high.
dentist digital marketing
Beyond the rework of the existing site content, new content was created in the form of clinic location profile pages, to provide a content-rich landing page for the new Google Business Listing that would complement the site.
dental marketing brisbane
Having BFJ Digital manage all online channels for Fix Dental has helped ensure an omni channel approach out performed competitors in what is a very saturated industry. Moving budget between channels as platforms change means the business has a consistent bench mark of customer acquisition costs from online media.
brisbane dental marketing
dentist digital marketing

Appreciate the great work BFJ have done for our business for the last 6 years. They helped us grow from a struggling start up to having multiple locations.


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