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Fix Dental, Digital Marketing Award Winners

BFJ Digital has over 200 multi-location medical industry clients, with Fix Dental's growth illustrating why we’re specialists in the health industry.

Fix Dental is a Brisbane dental group with a focus on providing high-quality, affordable dental services at fixed prices. As part of our digital marketing for dentists, we like to focus on what makes each company unique and tailor our online marketing techniques specifically.

BFJ Digital is a dental digital marketing company that continually delivers results that exceed expectations, which is why Fix Dental trusts us to boost their brand.

Our Custom Dental Digital Marketing Strategies Won an Award for Fix Dental

We create valuable and engaging content to target potential clients that align with our clients’ brand and goals. For Fix Dental, we focused on devising a content strategy that would appeal to their audience, highlighting their dental procedures and their unique approach to dentistry. Utilising our content marketing services, we used a mix of media platforms from Paid Search, Social Media Marketing, Programmatic and SEO to enable this dental practice to grow and own popular search terms like ‘dentist prices’ on search engines. To do so, we analysed dental marketing trends and behaviour to identify key opportunities for our effective digital marketing strategy to allow Fix Dental to stand out on the results page.

dentist digital marketing

How did we own the digital space for this dental group?

Our dental digital marketing agency generated5,159 New organic search results from SEO campaigns
  • Built a fast, custom, and SEO-optimised website for the Fix Dental business
  • Developed an in-depth keyword plan with content that ranked immediately
  • Beyond search and social media, we introduced programmatic media to advance the media strategy
  • Built a local SEO and dental local programmatic platform strategy for the dentist locations

410 new keywords

In 2 months we booked out a new dentist location, ensuring the business expansion was an immediate success.

Digital Marketing Process for Fix Dental

Ensuring the website is fast, optimised, and has the customer's UX at its core ensured any media or SEO investment immediately paid dividends. The WordPress website is a custom project with Google Cloud hosting which ensures its performance is high. From blog posts to website page refreshes, BFJ Digital was able to optimise Fix Dental’s site and increase rankings for several high-volume keywords. This also increased the website’s visibility to a greater audience, helping Fix Dental generate more leads and appointments. Beyond the rework of the existing site content, new content was created in the form of clinic location profile pages, to provide a content-rich landing page for the new Google Business Listing that would complement the site.
dentist digital marketing
At BFJ Digital, we utilise programmatic advertising to reach our target audience. Our dental local programmatic platform allows us to precisely target potential patients in Fix Dental’s practice areas. We can ensure that any Facebook, Instagram, or Google Search ads are shown to the right audience at the right time across multiple search and social media platforms. With this dental social media Brisbane technique, BFJ Digital has been able to efficiently track Fix Dental’s campaign performance in real-time and make data-driven optimisations to continually increase traffic to their website.
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Having our dental marketing company manage all online channels for Fix Dental has helped ensure an omnichannel approach outperformed competitors in what is a very saturated industry. Moving the budget between channels as platforms change means the business has a consistent benchmark of customer acquisition costs from online media. Our approach to dental social media in Brisbane is to adopt a brand’s voice and style and produce content that their followers and viewers will be interested in seeing, all with the goal of increasing organic traffic. For Fix Dental, BFJ Digital focused on showcasing the company’s skills and experience through before and after posts, as well as informative posts regarding Fix Dental’s services and community involvement.
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At BFJ Digital, we are passionate about creating and implementing the best digital marketing strategies across all industries and platforms. As a Brisbane-based dental digital marketing agency, we deeply understand the local market dynamics and consumer behaviour. Our digital marketing strategies extend beyond the ordinary - we also provide web development and design services that blend together seamlessly, ensuring your online presence is visually appealing and optimised for conversion. We use advanced tracking and analytics tools to monitor your performance in the digital world, providing transparent results at every stage so you are completely aware of your company’s success and progression. From creating user-friendly websites to implementing SEO best practices, we provide end-to-end solutions that enhance your digital presence and drive engagement from existing and potential patients.
brisbane dental marketing
dentist digital marketing

Appreciate the great work BFJ Digital has done for our business for the last 6 years. They helped us grow from a struggling start-up to having multiple locations.


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