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Disaster Relief Australia WordPress Website

For Disaster Relief Australia (DRA), we revolutionised their website with a focus on easy content management a superb editor experience, but more importantly an excellent customer experience. Our solution included a versatile design system with customisable colours, fonts, spacing, and layouts, ensuring both aesthetic fidelity and extensive customisation. Moreover, we developed over 40 adaptable block variants for seamless wordpress integration into the site, significantly enhancing both functionality and design.

Revolutionising DRA's Digital Experience

DRA's biggest pain point when discussing their new custom wordpress build was an exceptional experience for the user. Integrating a full scale design system into the site with variable colours, fonts, spacing and layouts, enabling page full customisation beyond content while still maintaining fidelity to designs. BFJ Digital's wordpress expertise has streamlined DRA's content management, making it both efficient and user-friendly.

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Developing DRA's seamless wordpress content management with over 40 block variants1m 26secsIncrease in average engagement time
  • 40 wordpress block variants seamlessly integrated
  • High quality content editor, optimised for user experience

Increased average engagement rate by

BFJ provided DRA with a full-scale wordpress design system into the website, incorporating adaptable colours, fonts, spacing, and layouts.
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BFJ's approach considered DRA's needs, and created an innovative yet user-friendly design. This allowed for DRA to manage their content effectively and efficiently.
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BFJ has integrated over 40 different blocks seamlessly into DRA's WordPress website, allowing them to easily adjust their layout if need be.
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BFJ creates bespoke WordPress websites that not only perform at a high level functionally, but from an SEO perspective as well. DRA's website is crafted to be SEO protected, but to also increase their SEO rankings simultaneously.
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