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The HubSpot Marketing Hub is an all-encompassing marketing software that enables customers to save time through automation, drive revenue with optimisation, and measure your marketing efforts. Saving your team, time and resources.


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Marketing Hub Statistics After 6 Months

Increase in inbound leads
Higher deal close rate
More website traffic

Popular Features

Drive Revenue
HubSpot revenue growth


  • Forms
  • Live Chat
  • Salesforce Integration
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  • Contact Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Automation
hubspot reporting


  • Marketing Analytics
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Advanced Reporting Features

Marketing Hub Capabilities

  • Increase your revenue through accurate data-driven decisions
  • Automate time consuming tasks
  • Access Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • Manage your campaigns, contacts, and content under one system
  • Deliver comprehensive email marketing campaigns with workflows
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Marketing Hub Revenue Benefits

Increase your revenue

Marketing Hub will provide your team with tools to personalise messaging & offers to your audience, keeping your marketing strategy relevant and attractive to higher-quality leads.

Being able to align your strategies with your customers’ wants and needs allows you to increase your conversions, leading to increased revenue.


Increase your lead quality
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Marketing Hub Automation Benefits

Automate Marketing Strategies

With HubSpot Marketing Hub, you have access to a marketing software with AI marketing tools that will aid in automating content creation, campaign analysis, and increase your ROI.

Being able to streamline your mundane tasks increases your team’s efficiency, allowing them to work on the aspects that need time and care.



Streamline marketing efforts
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Marketing Hub Analysis Benefits

Granular analysis and optimisation

At BFJ Digital, we value the importance of analytical insights to make accurate data-driven decisions. HubSpot equips you with advanced reporting tools to gain a granular understanding of your campaign performance and customer journey.

Allowing you to make these data-driven decisions that will boost your ROI.


Analyse your campaigns
hubspot reporting dashboard

Do you need a personalised Marketing Hub Setup?

Not only will we waive your $3000-$6000 onboarding fee, we’ll take the time to understand your business and uniquely craft your Marketing Hub system.

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    Email Marketing

    Streamline EDM Campaigns

    HubSpot’s email marketing tool allows you to create, send, automate, and report on your EDM campaigns in one system. With it’s unrivalled personalisation features, the email marketing tool adds a seamless personal touch to your campaigns. The email marketing feature gives businesses access to:

    • Customisable templates;
    • Accurate A/B testing;
    • Granular segmentation and personalisation and;
    • Advanced analytics and reporting


    Automate Email Campaigns
    Hubspot email marketing brisbane

    Marketing Automation

    Automate Time Costly Tasks

    Marketing automation is key to business efficiency. HubSpot provides advanced automating features, streamlining marketing processes by automating repetitive tasks and focusing on strategy and customer engagement. It leverages AI and workflow tools to enhance your business’s effectiveness and efficiency across all of your campaigns. Some of these features include:

    • Lead nurturing and scoring;
    • Email personalisation;
    • Workflow creation and;
    • Cross-functional operations


    Automate with workflows
    hubspot workflow goal

    Social Media Marketing

    Increase your Brand Relevancy

    Within the HubSpot Marketing Hub, is a range of social media marketing tools that enable you to create, publish, monitor, and report on social media campaigns across a variety of platforms. Utilising these tools help businesses create engaging, relevant content with insightful analytics to measure the impact of your social media efforts. Some of the features include;

    • Content Scheduling & Publishing;
    • Social Monitoring and Engagement;
    • Performance Analysis and;
    • Campaign Coordination


    Expand your brand visibility
    hubspot social media reporting

    Our HubSpot Case Studies

    aged care marketing

    Offline Revenue Attribution

    • Build offline attribution
    • Improve budget control
    • Channel revenue reporting

    HubSpot Drives Ecommerce

    • Increased repeat purchases
    • Automate marketing functions
    • Segment customer databases

    Complete Digital Transformation

    • Offline revenue attribution
    • Marketing automation
    • Increased retention strategy

    What it's like working with BFJ

    We recently moved all of our businesses to BFJ. The growth in the quality and performance of all metrics across the digital media / SEO spectrum has been nothing short of spectacular. Their diligence, strategy and tenacity in repairing legacy social platform issues too has been excellent. Clear communication of strategy and reporting of outcomes allow us to understand our spend and success of campaigns through them. Highly recommend.

    Paul, Director, Ainslie Bullion
    Case Study
    data management platform

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    The Answers to your Marketing Hub Questions

    How does the Marketing Hub's pricing work?

    For HubSpot’s marketing software, there are various tiers, including Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise, each offering different features and capabilities. Being a Certified Partner Agency, we can help you find the best deal for your marketing strategy.



    How can I get support for HubSpot?

    At any time, you can reach out to BFJ Digital’s HubSpot specialists who will be more than happy to assist you. We’re equipped with 15 years of industry experience, ready to tackle any issues you may have throughout the process.


    What makes HubSpot Marketing Hub different from HubSpot Sales Hub and CRM Hub?

    The Marketing Hub focuses on inbound marketing strategies, Sales Hub on sales engagement and productivity tools, and CRM Hub centralises customer data management.

    Lucky for you, we offer services to all of HubSpot’s tools and features.