Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Media buying

Advance your media buy with Programmatic advertising. With limited programmatic advertising agencies in the online advertising space, this advanced media method enables enterprise media buying for SMEs. From Display Ads, to TV, Radio, and Video - all via 1 platform.

  • Expand your media reach into TV, Radio, Apps,
  • Enhanced Programmatic Targeting outperforms Google Display and Social
  • Utilise 1st party targeting other platforms don't allow
  • Generate Real & Targeted Results
  • Award Winning Programmatic & Media Buying Agency
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The immense opportunities of programmatic advertising

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Programmatic agency

What is programmatic advertising?

Prog is a more advanced method of buying digital media compared to purchasing via Google Ads, social media platforms, or other ad exchange platforms.

The media technology used to buy the media is a real time auction similar to other platforms, however the placements and data layers that determine who see’s the ad is far more sophisiticated.

Using your own data, or 3rd party data placements can include websites, TV, Digital Radio, apps, essentially anything that is connected to the internet.

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Using programmatic advertising to reach niche audiences

Programmatic Display

Programmatic Ad types

Ad types for programmatic are far more advanced and varied then other media types. This ensures ads have more placements and engagement then other platforms.

Ad types can include:
-Static Display
-Audio for digital radio
-Audit for apps
-Animated display ads

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Video ad placements continue to evolve

Programmatic Placements

Where do programmatic advertising campaigns appear?

One of the main benefits of programmatic advertising is the wide range of placements you can achieve. On the Google Display network for example, there is a group of millions of websites, apps, and videos where your ads can display.

Using sophisticated technology ads can appear on almost and connected device:

-Websites that allow advertising such as news publishers
-Digital Radio
-Apps (such as apple / android apps)

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Programmatic Audiences

What targeting options are there?

Audiences along with placements is the main benefit of programmatic advertising. The audience control and options is far more sophisticated, and therefore has a greater ROI potential then just using more common ad serving platforms such as Google or Meta.

Using your own first party data such as email databases, your own website traffic is a clear benefit. However 3rd party audiences purchased within the platform using cohorts such as age, income, industry, role, any demographics ensure your ad is seen by the the exact person you want.

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Why use BFJ as your Premier Programmatic Partner?

Flanked by a team of programmatic pro’s, we can show you how to use your data for a better ROI as one of the top programmatic advertising companies.

Programmatic advertising is leading the digital advertising revolution. AI and machine learning use data to predict outcomes and suggest the right ads to serve along the buyer journey. Pair this with effective ad campaigns, and you have the keys to unlimited growth.

Granular audience targeting strategies with mutlti-device output from mobile, desktop, tablet, in APP to TV and out-of- home combined with multiple ad types makes your dollar work harder and in turn, creating more effective ad campaigns.

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Programmatic Advertising Agency

Advanced Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital advertising is evolving, with BFJ Digital being a leading programmatic agency, you won’t be left behind in the digital marketing space. Traditional advertising won’t work alone, and with our programmatic expertise, we know how to get your target audience to view your ads across multiple platforms. Talk to an expert to craft your ad campaign today.

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Are you Ready to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

  • Hyper targeted, custom third-party audiences.
  • Reach audiences on catch-up TV and digital radio for a tiny fraction of the cost of a broadcast buy.
  • Track and link the user journey from digital TV, to mobile phone and beyond.
  • Move beyond social and Google search advertising.
  • Make video and display advertising work for you on a massive scale.
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Programmatic FAQs

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a sophisticated media buying method that enables more reach via better placements, audience targeting, and real time bidding.

How does programmatic advertising work?

Programmatic advertising is real time bidding of digital media using platforms such as DV 360, Tradedesk, among others to automatically place ads by using an audience first targeting, as opposed to ‘booking’ media via publishers directly.

How to buy programmatic ads

Programmatic ads are purchased via agencies such as BFJ, using advanced software by a DSP such as Googles DV360. These ad types are not normally offered to SMEs without a direct relationship with Google.

What kind of programmatic ads are there?

Programmatic ads can come in the form of of static display, animated display, audio, video and native ads.

The benefits of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising enables more reach by an expanded network of websites, tvs, radios, apps to advertise on. Improved audience targeting enables better return on ad spend by ensuring a reduction in waste is delivered. Expanded data control such as 3rd party audiences, or more 1st party audience integrations also help enable a better ad by then traditional methods such as Google ads.