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We’re a premier programmatic agency in Brisbane, elevating your media buying game. At BFJ Digital, we specialise in programmatic advertising, offering cutting-edge services designed to propel your business forward with precision and impact.

Expand media reach: TV, radio, apps, cost-effectively compared to traditional channels.
Outperform your competitors by reaching unique audiences available only on programmatic.
Get your ads seen on top-tier websites like The Guardian,, Forbes and more.
Award-winning programmatic and media buying agency with 15+ years of experience.
Unlock unmatched results with precise targeting capabilities.
Reach the right audience at the right time for higher conversions and return on investment (ROI).
Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Programmatic Agency Brisbane With +15 Years of Experience

Book a free session to elevate your online performance with programmatic advertising. Save time and costs with our comprehensive, streamlined approach.

Programmatic Agency Brisbane

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a more advanced, cost-effective approach to acquiring digital media compared to platforms like Google Ads or social media.

Using real-time auctions, programmatic advertising guarantees precise ad placements with intricate data layers. By using your own or third-party data, you can engage audiences across websites, TV, digital radio, and more, boosting your online visibility.

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Benefits of Programmatic Advetising

  • Dynamically tailored to each user creatives, leading to a 49% boost in click-through rates compared to static ads
  • Reaching an audience size 2.5 times larger than traditional media campaigns
  • 89% greater transparency in programmatic campaigns compared to traditional methods
  • Benefit from instant performance feedback and dynamic adjustments, resulting in a 35% improvement in performance
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Programmatic Advertising Statistics

Increase in ad engagement compared to traditional media
Reduction in cost-per-acquisition (CPA) through automated bidding and optimisation
Higher reach compared to non-programmatic campaigns

Programmatic Advertising Benefits

Marketing Solutions

Creative Agency

Media Agency

In-House Team

PR Agency

One Platform for Display Ads to TV, Radio, and Video

Advanced Real-Time Bidding

Cross-Channel Performance Optimisation

Real-Time Analytics

Budget Efficiency

Unique Third-Party Audiences

Multi-Layered Targeting Capabilities

Customised Design Solutions

SmartClinics Grows from One to 40+ Clinics With One Agency

BFJ Digital has been a trusted and valued partner of Better Medical and SmartClinics for many years. They are results-oriented and provide a range of digital marketing services each month, including SEO, website management, content production, digital advertising, and much more! They are experts in the field, and deliver consistently outstanding service. Thanks, team!

Chief Marketing Officer - Better MedicalView Case Study

How We Do It


Book a Free Strategy Call

On a free strategy call, we'll determine how we deliver your business objectives together.



First up, we work out exactly what your business needs online via research, your goals, and our industry knowledge.



After the brief and research, we build you a digital marketing strategy with the channels we know will drive your business.



Our specialist channel team members will apply the digital strategy developed to deliver sales.



Throughout the month it's our job to improve month on month the results we deliver. Whether that's lowering cost of media, to increasing sales or another objective.



We use live 24/7 dashboards for every client so they know exactly what's going on at any point in term. Monthly insightful meetings or emails help clients understand how we drove results.

Programmatic Advertising Expertise

Drive Success with Our Display Advertising Agency Brisbane

As a leading programmatic advertising agency, you can count on us to elevate your digital marketing efforts and exceed your expectations. No matter your overall goal, BFJ Digital provides bespoke programmatic advertising solutions designed to maximise your audience reach, engagement and conversions. We will connect you with consumers across multiple channels and devices, driving meaningful interactions and relationships with your audiences.

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Programmatic Advertising Agency

Search Ads

Imagine working with an agency that could help to up-skill your team internally while putting a shoulder to the wheel and delivering the results that make end-of-month reporting something to look forward to. At BFJ Digital, we do just that. Our programmatic advertising services will enhance your online visibility and drive more sales.

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Programmatic Advertising Agency

Enhanced Campaign Monitoring

Programmatic advertising provides real-time insights and automated optimisation capabilities. This gives us access to a wide range of advertising opportunities across multiple channels, including social media, video, display and mobile. As a result, BFJ Digital can reach target audiences with precision and efficiency that’s just simply not possible with traditional advertising. With real-time campaign monitoring, we can track clicks, impressions, and conversions across various ad placements, and identify and trends.

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Maximise Your ROI

Strategic Ad Placement

The actual ad placement is a crucial factor in any campaign, and programmatic advertising gives you complete control and flexibility. Platforms such as DV360 gives you multi-channel ad placement, ensuring maximum visibility to target audiences. We can target ad placements that align with your target audience’s preferences, ensuring they’ll be seen by the right people at the right time.

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Programmatic Advertising Services

Precisely Target Audiences

Through data-driven insights and our advanced technology, we can target multiple audiences at a granular level. We can define audience segments through age, gender, location, income, and user intent – ensuring your ads are delivered to exactly who you want them to. The result? Maximised ad campaign effectiveness and an increase in brand awareness and revenue.


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Why BFJ Digital?

At BFJ Digital, we’re all about striving for innovation and success. After 15+ years in the digital marketing industry, we have the diverse skill set needed to craft and execute highly effective programmatic advertising strategies tailored to your brand’s unique objectives. By partnering with us to harness the power of programmatic advertising, you’ll be able to elevate your brand to a whole new level, seeing results you never dreamed of.

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Increase Your Revenue Today

Book a free session to elevate your online performance with programmatic advertising. Our digital marketing experts are ready to take your company to new heights.

  • Meet with a strategy specialist to build a growth plan
  • Increase your media performance by up to 200%
  • Improve business efficiencies to increase ROI via automation and increase profit
  • We cut to the chase. What digital marketing is actually working?

Programmatic Advertising FAQs

How is programmatic advertising different to traditional advertising methods?

Programmatic advertising involves the automated process of buying and selling online ad space, whereas traditional advertising methods generally rely on manual processes and negotiation. With programmatic advertising, you can target specific audiences more precisely and optimise your campaigns in real-time.

Is programmatic advertising suitable for smaller companies?

Programmatic advertising is great for businesses of all sizes. While it’s often associated with larger corporations, it’s still accessible to smaller businesses, thanks to the availability of self-serve platforms and flexible pricing models. With improved targeting capabilities, enhanced campaign performance and increased cost-efficiency, we strongly recommend programmatic advertising to our clients.

Are there any risks for brand safety and advertising fraud?

Brand safety and advertising fraud are legitimate concerns in the digital advertising landscape. However, programmatic advertising platforms have various measures in place to reduce and manage these risks, including third-party verification tools, pre-bid filtering, and ad placement controls.