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Increase Revenue and Efficiency With a CRM

Build and maintain strong customer relationships with a tailored CRM system. Automate repetitive tasks and streamline your lead processes to increase customer retention.

Our clients report higher conversion rates with a CRM.
Boost your online sales.
Increase the accuracy of your data.
Retain and satisfy your customers.
Bespoke CRM Systems

One Agency, Limitless Custom CRM Solutions

Book a free session to elevate your customer relationship management. Save time and costs with our comprehensive, streamlined approach to custom CRM solutions.

CRM Development Company

Why Use Our CRM Integrations

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to a CRM development project. Every business needs their own uniquely tailored CRM software development to streamline its specific needs. Whether it’s gaining a competitive advantage for your small business by automating repetitive tasks or implementing automation as your business grows, BFJ digital has experience in all custom CRM solutions.

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CRM Benefits

  • 67% of businesses report higher conversion rates with tailored CRM solutions
  • CRM software boosts sales by 29%
  • Increase your forecast accuracy by 42%
  • Improve customer retention and satisfaction by 47%
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What CRM Systems Can Do for Your Business

Increase in revenue per sales representative
Increase in lead conversion rate
Growth in customer retention and satisfaction

BFJ Digital CRM Benefits

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Kingsway Finance Website, CRM & Sales Enablement

Kingsway Smart Loans approached BFJ to build their website and install a CRM system to modernise their marketing and sales stack. BFJ was engaged to not only help design and build their new website, but to also work with the sales team to implement a CRM into their sales process to help manage their ongoing business.
Kingsway Finance Website, CRM & Sales Enablement

How We Design and Develop CRM Systems


Understand Your Perspective

First, we gather an understanding of your business processes and its pain points.



We then devise a strategy to help you envision the solution and the possibilities that automation can bring to your business.


Develop After Approval

After we have agreed on the strategy and goals, we begin developing the automation you need.


Track and Examine

We work closely with you to ensure your CRM system is functioning as it should.


Provide Detailed Reporting

Once your CRM strategy has been implemented and is functioning smoothly, we will organise recurring reporting, offer advice and recommendations, and continue to optimise the system wherever possible.

CRM Development Agency

CRM Brisbane

BFJ Digital is located in the heart of Brisbane’ with clients across the globe. As a CRM website and development agency,  we pride ourselves on learning our clients’ businesses, goals, and daily operations, before strategising a bespoke CRM solution.

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CRM Agency

Why Choose BFJ Digital for Your CRM Agency

We want to help you realise the full potential of automation throughout your business. It’s about so much more than just email flows. It’s about changing the way you operate so you can give your people the best chance of success and your clients and stakeholders the best possible service.

A CRM solution enables your people to rise beyond repetitive tasks and enables positive growth in your business.

At BFJ Digital we are here to guide, strategise and build you advanced marketing funnels and pipelines to keep your brand top of mind at every point of the user journey. With our full suite of services, we can bring automation that compliments your current strategy to ensure business growth at every point.

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CRM Consultants

Our Approach to CRM Systems

At BFJ Digital, we carefully design processes and provide comprehensive training to ensure that your CRM strategy not only fits but enhances your unique business needs. We strive to equip your sales management team with the ability to harness technology in a way that profoundly aligns with and supports your business processes and core values.


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CRM Development

Custom-Developed CRM Systems

Our expertise in CRM development transcends specific systems. We craft a range of CRM platforms that integrate seamlessly into every facet of your organisation. From marketing to operations, our work in developing renowned CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics, is a testament to our ability to create solutions that streamline your sales process.

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API Strategy and Implementation

CRM Strategy

BFJ Digital is Your Trusted Hubspot Partner

BFJ Digital is a HubSpot partner, providing the whole package from setup, development, integration, training and management. We have a full-scale development team ready to tackle your toughest needs and create powerful development plans to solve unique problems.

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CRM Support

Ongoing CRM Support and Retainers

If you need support and ongoing management of your CRM, we have a variety of CRM retainers that will ensure you’re getting the most out of the platform to increase their return on investment.

From full control and management, including sales support, down to single channel retainers, such as email marketing, we ensure our clients convert more opportunities.

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CRM Integrations

Connect Your CRM to Anything

If you already have a CRM and are simply looking to integrate it with another system, our CRM developers can help.

Some customer relationship management platforms have native integrations which is useful, however, not all do. If your CRM has an API, it’s likely we can connect it to your existing software.

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Custom CRMs

Build Your Unique CRM

Being an agnostic CRM agency, we review and build a wide range of pre-built CRM solutions. If you’re looking to build a custom solution to better serve your business needs, we can help with that.

Having over 15 years of experience with websites, SaaS applications, and software development, we have a strong background and focus on development for businesses.

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Real World Custom Software

Why BFJ Digital?

Our relationships. Our results. Our ability to use and adapt marketing technology. We understand the need for CRM solutions in every business structure. Nurturing customer relationships is crucial to business growth, customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Let us help you select the right CRM system for your business.

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CRM Partners

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Get in Touch to Discuss Your Business Needs and Strategise a CRM Solution

We’re eager to perform. Our team and passionate culture will ensure your bespoke CRM system delivers at the highest possible level. Choose BFJ Digital as your CRM website and development agency.

  • Meet with a CRM software strategy specialist to build a custom CRM solution
  • Improve access to customer data
  • Boost your customer retention
  • Increase reporting attribution accuracy


What is CRM development?

CRM is short for “customer relationship management”. It’s a software system that helps your business’s relationships with customers, potential customers, and ‘the sales journey. The goal is to improve the customer’s experience to generate more sales and improve, efficiencies in your organisation. Some CRMs are easy to build, however, most require some form of development experience to get the most out of them.

How do I choose a CRM?

Choosing a CRM is an incredibly important decision to make. Much like accounting, software is integral to running the business. A CRM should become the heart of the organisation for marketing, sales, and operations. Picking a CRM should be a process that includes all stakeholders in the business, but also an external provider with experience in a variety of platforms to ensure all options are considered. BFJ Digital will help you choose the system that best suits your needs and objectives.

What are the key factors to consider when selecting a CRM system?

The key factor you need to consider before choosing which CRM system you want to go with include:

  1. Identifying your needs
  2. Determining what departments need to use the CRM
  3. Can the CRM grow with you?
  4. Ensuring the CRM can easily integrate with your existing software
  5. Accessibility – is it cloud-based? Is there an app? (The answer should always be yes)
  6. Can you import / export data easily?
  7. Is reporting sufficient, such as a variety of dashboards?
  8. Is the platform easy to use?

At BFJ Digital, we can help you decide, using our years of knowledge and expertise to help guide you towards the best system for your organisation.

What features should I be looking for in my CRM software?

These are the 3 core features that any CRM should provide and are essential for almost every business:

  1. Tracking customer interactions
  2. SEO features
  3. Contact management


How would a CRM system streamline our sales process?

CRMs centralise customer information for easy access, offer task management to keep track of essential duties, and enable customised workflow management for various teams. They also automate routine tasks, allowing sales teams to concentrate on strategic goals like deal closures. This functionality makes CRMs an invaluable tool in sales process optimisation.

Can I manage social media with a CRM?

Yes! Most CRMs include a social media management feature to some degree. If this is something you need, check before you select your CRM, as not all of them have this feature.