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Truis Shopify, API Integration & Digital Marketing

Truis has been a long term partner of BFJ Digital, looking to scale their operation and bring a new ecommerce experience to the IT world. BFJ was engaged to strategise, design & build a state-of-the-art ecommerce system to connect to their external vendors to automatically pull stock, price, and process orders with Vendors. This shopify build led to the ability for vendors such as Cisco, Dell & IBM as key marketing vendor partners to drive success for Truis.

What a full integration from build to marketing enabled for Truis

Shopify can be a great system for your storefront, its API documentation is one of the most thorough in the industry. Bringing complex problems to the BFJ team will allow us to design the system around the goals for your business. In this instance, building a storefront that seamlessly connects to suppliers and enabled marketing to a new audience.

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How we grew the Truis ecommerce brand

  • More Revenue
  • Increased Leads
  • Increased High Quality Traffic
  • Vendor Marketing

Real revenue attribution driving more success

With more accurate reporting the business was enabled to push for success harder, with improved ROI across each platform

Truis Digital Transformation Process

After learning the business objectives, our first step was to determine how Truis attributed success digitally. From there we analysed their marketing stack, vendor API requirements, and UX to roadmap the transformation.
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Working with vendors, our development team, and Truis, we transformed their product and ERP to enable product management automatically at a retail level.
api integration
Next was to develop a Shopify website via high fidelity designs provided by our agency partner Driven. The process included workshops, CX / UX research and building a website that's fast and converts.
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The last milestone in the transformation project was to develop an e-commerce digital marketing plan. This plan launched with a strong focus on brand development and vendor marketing via performance media channels. Just like with all our clients, we continue to push more success in these campaigns helping the business grow online via an advanced media strategy.
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shopify api brisbane

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