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Ainslie Bullion Digital Marketing Stack Audit & Strategy Development

Ainslie Bullion engaged BFJ Digital for a peer review to determine how their digital marketing data was being utilised. By auditing their media performance, website UX, and marketing stack, a complete transformation was revealed that would enable a sophisticated and dramatic increase in what success meant for the business.

Rebuilding attribution drove a digital marketing overhaul

BFJ Digital's solution to help Ainslie Bullion unlock the true value of Digital Marketing started with learning what attribution really meant, from each media platform right through to revenue generated. We identified and developed an attribution model that meant regardless of where the brand was being seen, our platform integrations and reporting centralisation could reveal where success really came from.

digital marketing attribution modelling

How attribution drove digital strategy

Increased revenue+150%Real platform CPAs unlocked
  • More revenue
  • Significantly improved attribution
  • More efficient media allocation
  • Data lead content strategy resulting in considerable SEO gains
  • Programmatic Media
  • Released Social Media Restrictions

Real revenue attribution driving more success

With more accurate reporting the business was enabled to push for success harder, with improved ROI across each platform

Digital Marketing audit process

The first task was to determine what data existed, moving its metrics into a centralised reporting method and building an attribution model to improve business decisions
digital marketing stack analysis
Using a digital marketing maturity analysis we were able to reveal significant improvements in how the marketing stack was utilised. With the re-build underway, more success will continue as other areas within the business are digitally transformed.
cx audit brisbane
It became clear whilst looking at the data that a customer experience overhaul would enable even further improvements in the financial performance of the business. A new website build being the first step, with cloud marketing automation planned to drive media and operational efficiencies further.
digital marketing website audit
Auditing their media platform data revealed an opportunity to decrease acquisition costs, increase revenue and simplify the budget decisions, all via improved attribution.
digital marketing analysis
digital marketing stack analysis

We recently moved all of our businesses to BFJ. The growth in the quality and performance of all metrics across the digital media / SEO spectrum has been nothing short of spectacular. Their diligence, strategy and tenacity in repairing legacy social platform issues too has been excellent. Clear communication of strategy and reporting of outcomes allow us to understand our spend and success of campaigns through them. Highly recommend.

Paul, Director, Ainslie Bullion

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