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Ecobin's move from WooCommerce to Shopify

Ecobin had been using WooCommerce as their CMS solution for years and with a desire to extract more performance from their website, they engaged BFJ Digital to determine what the build would include.
A thorough data-led process enabled the business to make decisions without uncertainty, delivering a successful rebuild which increased all ecommerce relevant statistics.

What moving from WooComerce to Shopify enabled

Both WooComerce and Shopify have their benefits; however in this scenario Shopify meant a far better outcome for Ecobin resulting in more sales.

The benefits to the client (besides more revenue) included improved integrations with their marketing stack, easier management of the website, improved security and less website maintenance.

shopify website development

Why moving to Shopify was the right move for Ecobin

Increased Revenue+220% conversion rate +100 more keyword rankings
  • Move revenue
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Easier to manage products
  • More secure website
  • Better integrations

We increased Ecobin's online revenue

A high conversion rate meant more sales with the same level of traffic.

Roadmapping a website rebuild to drive more revenue

We conducted a thorough research process to determine who the users were, what the existing website did well, what it didn't do well, and where a majority of the revenue was coming from.
shopify website design
A design workshop was then conducted to create a comprehensive roadmap of what the project deliverables were. This included wireframes, website functions, content requirements, customer journeys, to name a few. This process then enabled an accurate project gantt chart for each phase, including launch.
shopify brisbane agency
A wireframe process outlined each template required, the functions included in the website, and what content was going to be developed. Once the wireframes were approved, BFJ designed each of the templates for approval to move into development.
shopify web developer brisbane
The most exciting part for a technical agency was next - developing the custom website in for Shopify. Being a custom website solution ensured the website was Ecobin's, and technically superior to competiting Shopify websites. The launch process was seamless and saw immediate results - more sales, less churn, higher conversion rates, and most importantly - more revenue.
shopify designer brisbane
shopify website design

BFJ Digital's website delivery has meant as a business we've increased stats across the board without having to increase marketing budgets. If you look at the quality of the website, visually and technically; it's the best in the industry.

John, Director

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