Why use BigQuery for your GA4?

Why use BigQuery for your GA4?

With the movement to GA4, Google has offered the linking of your GA Property to BigQuery for free now. Previously this feature was only available for those with a GA360 account, this opens a whole new level of marketing for those working with digital-led brands.

What is BigQuery and how does it help my marketing?

BigQuery is a cloud data warehouse that allows you to easily upload and store your data. Without the need for an IT Team, you can connect multiple data sources to give you a holistic view of your business’s data using simple SQL functions.

To paint a picture for your marketing brain. By having the ability to bring your CRM & Lead data with any follow-through data such as App Usage, Sales Figures, or Revenue Figures. You can connect the two sources to explore, segment, and analyze how your marketing performance is having a wider impact on your business objective.

What is the benefit of connecting my data to BigQuery?

The core benefit of this setup is the understanding of your core data together. The biggest challenge you will have in marketing is understanding the impact of your work across Sales, The Customer Journey, or Revenue.  Remove the need for manual reporting and run your reports out of your data warehouse.

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BigQuery & GA4

With this product linking feature now available, you can take advantage of the laundry list of functionality once your data is set up nicely in BigQuery.

  1. Custom Reporting & Visualisation of Data
  2. Data Sampling
  3. Export Custom Events
  4. Custom Channel Grouping
  5. Enhanced Attribution Reporting Touch Points.

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