Bing Ads, When and Who Should Use Them?

BFJ Blog Image Bing Ads, When and Who Should Use Them?

Microsoft Advertising, often overshadowed in the past, is now emerging as a highly-effective search engine marketing (SEM) platform for maximising your advertising campaigns’ returns.

Everyone is familiar with Google ads, yet the latest developments from Microsoft, including the integration of AI-powered features like ChatGPT in Bing, are presenting Bing ads as a compelling alternative for search engine marketing. In this article, we at BFJ Digital will explore the potential of Bing ads, their relevance in today’s market, and how they align with your business goals.


Bing Ads: Who Should Use Them?

In previous years, Bing ads have been limited to certain demographics or industries who still used Microsoft browsers. However with the platform’s launch of AI technologies in early 2023, its user base is growing in leaps and bounds. Bing is now seeing over 200 million monthly active users in Australia, with the total number of global AI powered chats having exceeded half a billion. 

This huge growth, coupled with less competition compared to Google advertising, offers Bing as a unique and lucrative advertising opportunity for savvy businesses.

Ecommerce Businesses

The ecommerce space is intensely competitive, and Microsoft Ads could be the key advantage your online store needs. With its precise targeting options, extensive network, and innovative ad formats, Microsoft Ads provides the tools necessary to differentiate your brand in the digital marketplace.

Retail Services

Retailers have the ability to tap into a wealth of new audiences with Microsoft Ads’ expansive network, encompassing Bing, Yahoo, and MSN. This broad coverage presents a valuable opportunity to connect with a wide range of potential customers who aren’t searching on Google.

Professional Services

Microsoft is one of the only advertising platforms that allows you to target users based on their LinkedIn data, and reaches over 63 million users that Google doesn’t

Beyond those examples, Bing advertising can be the missing puzzle piece that you’ve been searching for in your marketing mix. With its ability to target niche audiences that you can’t easily access on Google, Bing Ads can prove to be the key advantage in your advertising strategies. To learn if your business is suited for Bing Advertising, contact BFJ Digital today for a free consultation call. 

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Impact of ChatGPT’s Integration on Bing

The integration of ChatGPT with Bing marked a significant shift in search dynamics. Since the launch of its all-new AI-powered search and chat functionalities, Bing is now seeing over 100 million daily active users and a third of them using chat daily. 

Queries in Bing Chat are able to be three times longer than traditional searches, meaning there is an increased opportunity for ads to be more contextually relevant and engaging. This advanced AI integration not only enhances user experience but also opens new avenues for targeted advertising.


Microsoft’s New AI Ad Solution

Microsoft has announced an ‘ads for chat API’ tool that will allow for a more personalised ad experience within the AI chatbot conversations. This groundbreaking approach means your ads can be part of the conversational journey of a user, making them more pertinent and less intrusive. 

This new ad format is in its growth phase, continuing to evolve and be refined, which presents a unique opportunity to be a part of the marketing that influences how the feature is developed. 


The Future of Bing Advertising

Microsoft’s commitment to grow the AI ad space and encouraging experimentation is great news for advertisers. The focus on brand safety and privacy, combined with the promise of evolving offerings based on advertiser feedback, positions Bing as a forward-thinking choice for digital advertising. If you are looking to expand your current marketing stack, Bing offers an exciting opportunity to reach your target audience on a fast growing platform with lower competition than on Google.


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Conclusion, Bing Ads Management Brisbane

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, Bing Advertising offers a fresh, AI-driven approach to reaching audiences. With its fast growing user base and innovative ad solutions being released frequently, Bing presents a lucrative platform for businesses looking to diversify their digital marketing mix. At BFJ Digital, we’re excited about the opportunities Bing Advertising brings to the table and are here to help you navigate this new advertising opportunity.

Advertising with Bing ads could be the strategic move you’ve been looking for to stay ahead in the digital marketing game. For more insights and assistance on leveraging Bing for your business, reach out to us at BFJ Digital for a free consultation call.