TikTok Insights explained

TikTok Insights explained

TikTok Insights is a new tool to help businesses and advertisers find out more about the TikTok community’s behaviour, their interests and how they connect and feel about brands.


TikTok For Business Insights


In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Why TikTok Insights matter for your business.
  • How to use the Tiktok Insights to improve your business or ad campaign.
  • What TikTok Insights tell us about Gen Z users, Millennials and Gen X+ audiences.

Why TikTok Insights matter for your business

Australians continue to increasingly adopt social media due to a need for interactivity in isolation and due to the very slow return to in-person events. With 25% of Australians discovering new brands, products and services via social media ads, brands and advertisers need to take note of the increased opportunity.

No social channel has grown as much as TikTok has (since 2020), which is why TikTok ads offer the most significant opportunity for Australian businesses.


According to TikTok’s annual report, TikTok has grown it’s user base from 850,000 during the first half of 2020 to easily be the fastest growing social media company in Australia with 7.38 million Australian users over the age of 18.

TikTok now reaches 37% of Australia’s total population, overtaking Snapchat this year (7.25 million users) and gaining on Facebook which reaches 58% of Australians (15 million).

TikTok users spend more time on the app than any other platform with an average of 23.4 hours a month compared to Facebook’s average of 17.6 hours a month.

As Australian businesses navigate through yet another difficult year of the pandemic, it is more important than ever before for companies and advertisers to strengthen their connection with their customers by embracing the opportunities offered by paid social video channels like TikTok, Instagram Reels and Snapchat Story ads.

How to use Tiktok Insights to improve your business or ad campaign

TikTok For Business launched in 2021 to help businesses promote their products and services to TikTok’s significantly increased user base. This new home page is aimed at helping small or large businesses get started on their first TikTok ad campaign.

Businesses can filter the many success stories, creative resources, tips, solutions, inspiration and learnings in order to create content to better match what best fits their audience.



The new tool ‘TikTok Insights’ allows brands and advertisers to quickly find the insights that matter most to them. The tool is a collection of tiles which present important data snapshots.

The current filters available are:

  • Locations: you can view global trends or filter to Australia-only results.
  • Audience: the generation of the viewer (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X+).
  • Insights: the type of user e.g creator, advertising or people. 
  • Industry: what their account is about e.g Apparel & Accessories, Beauty, Cleaning, Education, Sports, Retail, Technology, Food, etc.
  • Holiday or Event: Christmas, Back to School, Ramadan, Super Bowl, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Valentines Day, etc.

The aim of this tool is to educate the users about the TikTok community’s behavior, interests, and how they connect and feel about brands. If a creator, a brand or an advertiser is struggling to relate to their audiences, they could use this tool to refine the insights to their target generation and learn helpful insights.

New businesses starting on TikTok should look to these new resources for inspiration to be sparked and to gain a greater understanding on each specific audience they are trying to reach.

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What TikTok Insights tell us about Gen Z users, Millennials and Gen X+ audiences.

Leverage TikTok’s Insights to adjust your social media content strategy and to improve your ad campaigns’ strategic planning.

This tool could be very beneficial for every brand looking to expand their marketing to TikTok.

For example if you wanted to know what they key trends are among TikTok users in Australia over Christmas, you would get data highlights speaking to these events specifically.

This is like Meta’s own ‘Facebook Interactive Insights’ tool (worth a look as well), which is designed to give you more perspective on key data points.

Half of all Australian Gen Z TikTok users leverage the platform to research and learn more about new products or brands. Gen Z TikTok users are also 2.2 times more likely than other platform users to create a tutorial about a product after buying it.

Insights like these can inspire brands to adjust their content and campaign strategy to incorporate, include or emulate this Gen Z trend of user created product tutorials.

Brands that are seeking to reach Millennials and previously used a podcast advertising strategy should take note that 30% of Millennials say they spend less time listening to podcasts since starting to use TikTok.

Ecommerce brands should keep in mind that Gen X TikTokers are 1.7 times more likely than other platform users to immediately buy something they discovered on TikTok.

Head over to the TikTok Business page to find more TikTok Insights about how the different TikTok audiences engage with your industry.