The best ways to use a CDP to improve your advertising.

The best ways to use a CDP to improve your advertising.

The best ways to use a CDP to improve your advertising.

A Customer Data Platform is the latest standard for your marketing tech stack. Specifically built to utilise marketing data, a good CDP helps aggregate all of your data sources for segmenting and activation. If you are running any form of digital advertising with a decent budget on channels such as Facebook, Programmatic, or Google Ads you should seriously consider having a CDP setup to take advantage of your data. Here are some of our favorite ways to use such data across all channels of marketing.


Better Targeting with a CDP

Creating Activation Lists is crucial for optimizing beyond just GTM Events that trigger page views or form completions. Look at sending custom events that show a positive sign in the customer journey. With these custom events, you can look at creating more advanced Customer Match Lists or Re-Targeting lists in your accounts. This is called Trait and audience Building.

What are you doing to market to your desired target audience? Without a CDP you are stuck advertising to new users without much thought than what the pixel can provide you on the end-user. By having your CDP in the middle collecting user events, you can easily set up new activation lists that combine data & creativity. 

The benefits become as endless as your creativity will allow you to take it. Better targeting will lead to better results.


Email Marketing with a CDP

Another great method for us is using our CDP to help process our email lists. If your CRM fails to capture the entire data your brand has access to, you may need your CDP to do the heavy lifting and stitch together multiple data sources for you. By being able to elevate your email marketing game away from Sales or Leads Lists, but to specific users that you have always wanted to speak to. You can create more consistent and thoughtful email marketing campaigns for users that matter with their own personalised content.

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Reporting with a CDP

Within each CDP, its core system will assign its ID. This is an identity resolution. These systems are designed to unify history across all devices and digital touchpoints to bring you a single customer view. Like a rock in the middle of a stream, setting your CDP up to be the conduit of data will allow you to stitch your data easily together automatically. From here it is endless opportunities, to build out accurate attribution reports that go beyond just 1 data source but merge it.


Customer Data Platforms we recommend

Segment – $$$ – $$

Build your own with BigQuery! – $


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