Case Study: Fix Dental: Increasing Organic Performance For A Multi-Location Business Expansion

Case Study: Fix Dental: Increasing Organic Performance For A Multi-Location Business Expansion

The Problem

Fix Dental has been a long-running client of BFJ Digital since 2017. As a Dental Clinic based in Mount Gravatt, their goal has been to provide high-quality dental work for their patients at affordable prices with manageable payment plans.

After working closely with the brand for 6 years on SEO and Paid Advertising, Fix Dental was seeing great success in the current clinic with regular patients happy to travel over 1 hour to the clinic for their dental work. The decision was made to look at expanding their business to a new location in Chermside, located in Northern Brisbane.

However, the dental market in the region is incredibly competitive, and finding a foothold in the area would require a strong SEO strategy to rank in Google for both the Search Pages and Maps Results.

The Strategy

Our first step for the multi-location expansion strategy was to perform an initial competitor audit of the area to understand the local competition & search terms/keyword opportunities to allow us to quickly get into the market.

With the long-term nature of SEO, this occurred before the doors had opened on the clinic (in October 2022) to make sure that we had a solid foundation of keywords and content changes ready to go when the clinic launched.

The focus was to rework the appropriate existing content on the website to expand beyond the initial location targeting and start to include location-based service keywords for the Chermside area. This included specific high-volume keywords like “Chermside dentist”, “orthodontist Chermside”, “veneers Chermside”, and “root canal Chermside”. Additionally, a link-building strategy was put in place for the new content pages as well.

Beyond the rework of the existing site content, new content was created in the form of clinic location profile pages, to provide a content-rich landing page for the new Google Business Listing that would complement the site.

As a B2C business, map rankings in Google also attribute to a large amount of search traffic in the local area. As part of the content process, the Google Business listing was optimised with a range of service content to direct traffic to the respective pages on the website.


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The Results

In the first two months of the clinics’ launch we saw:

  • 410 new keyword rankings found
  • 5,159 new searches for new locational-based keywords
  • 4,850 views of the new Google Business Listing
  • $12,700 organic traffic value

The initial SEO work that we prepared for the clinic launch saw the opening to be a great success with many high-value bookings occurring in the first months.