Why your business should be making YouTube shorts

Why your business should be making YouTube shorts

Short form content on YouTube isn’t new – did you know the first video published on YouTube was only 18-seconds long?

In our changing times, the consumption needs of internet users are also evolving. People want to consume more content in less time. YouTube Shorts is the result of this. It’s the latest video format to be added to YouTube, created in response to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other viral video platforms. 

These platforms, including YouTube Shorts, use a new video type where users can shoot, share and view vertical short-form video content (i.e. videos that are 60 seconds or less). Mobile-friendly and quick to view, vertical micro-videos have proven to be incredibly popular with 15 billion ‘Shorts’ viewed daily.


Shorts are a great and underutilised format to grow your YouTube subscribers

Shorts can help you attract millions of subscribers in no time compared to your regular YouTube video content. Right now is the best time to utilise the short video format – it’s new, people love consuming short videos, and the YouTube algorithm is also helping boost the reach of YouTube Shorts.

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What are the tips and tricks to using Shorts?

Need to know:

  • YouTube Shorts are vertical videos that are 60 seconds or less in length.
  • To record new Shorts natively in YouTube, you’ll need to use the mobile app.
  • Or instead of recording a new video natively, you can upload a Short directly from mobile

YouTube Shorts best practices

  • Determine the length – it’s not compulsory to use the entire 60 second duration. You should deliver your message as concisely as possible.
  • Make your content relevant to your audience. Iff the viewer doesn’t find your Shorts valuable, they won’t continue engaging with your channel. You’ll degrade all the future possibilities of them subscribing to your channel and interacting with your newer content. 
  • Make the first few seconds captivating – If those first few seconds don’t immediately hook your viewer, they’re going to keep scrolling. Those first few seconds of your video are the most important.
  • Create custom thumbnails – thumbnails play a vital role in the viewer deciding whether they will click your YouTube Shorts or not
  • Get creative with your captions – your caption can be up to 100 characters, so make it count.
  • Don’t post long-form content or the wrong video format – shorts are designed for short form vertical videos, if you try and post your long, 16:9 videos users will not appreciate the poor viewing experience 
  • Use trending songs, hashtags and events – because of the viral nature of trending songs, audio clips, hashtags and challenges, you can boost visibility and reach new audiences.


Key Takeaways

YouTube Shorts are a great way to improve the performance of your YouTube channel overall. Now that you know all of these tips and tricks, you can easily use YouTube Shorts and give a massive boost to your subscriber base and engagement rate.

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