Video ad placements continue to evolve

Video ad placements continue to evolve

Our appetite for video isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Video is ubiquitous to the online experience and for marketers, this makes it an incredibly powerful tool.

Why is it so powerful?

Because, people love video.

In fact 73 percent of consumers say they prefer video over other forms of content when it comes to explaining products or services. 

And engagement is much higher with the click through rate for video ads being a massive 27.4 times higher than banner ads.

With this in mind, there are continuous updates in ad placements and formats for ads as we look for new ways to reach customers.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Target people by their musical mood with Google

If you know what kind of mood people are in when they resonate with your brand, or if you’d like to find out, then Google’s ‘Music Mood Lineups’ YouTube placement option could be for you.

Google has launched the following five types of Music Mood Lineups in 20 countries.

  • Romantic
  • Happy & Uplifting
  • Chill
  • Downbeat
  • Funky Moods


So you can run your ads against YouTube content with the same mood signals used to generate YouTube Music playlists.


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Virtual product placement is here

Imagine if you could insert your product into a show in post production.

Enter virtual product placement (VPP).

Earlier this year, Amazon and NBC Universal announced VPP as part of their advertising offer.

So, moving forward, product placement does not need to be negotiated and dealt with before a movie or TV series goes into production.

“Virtual product placement from Amazon Ads allows advertisers to insert their brand into existing fan favorites and anticipated upcoming releases on Prime Video and Freevee, all within one campaign.”


What to keep an eye out for – Amazon Ads unBoxed 2022

Amazon also has its eyes firmly on the video advertising space as clearly indicated by a number of announcements at its recent ‘unBoxed’ advertising event.


Targeting ‘advertisers of all sizes’ Amazon Ads showcased the addition of video to its self service Sponsored Display solution.

Meaning fully supported programmatic media buy on amazon-owned and all other platforms.

Advertisers now also have the option for customers to experience interactive video ads with multiple calls to action including ‘buy this’ and ‘shop now’.

There’s even a ‘send me more’ via email or through a QR code option

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