How Your Website Is Costing You Money

How Your Website Is Costing You Money

When marketing your business, your ads are only half the battle when it comes time for you to pay for a click in an auction. The other half is the website landing pages, where people are taken once they click on your ad. 

For example, Google Ads uses Quality Score to estimate the usefulness of your ads, keywords, and landing pages to the user’s experience. Campaigns with higher Quality Scores have lower costs per click and win better ad positions. If your ad campaign has a low Quality Score, you could be paying up to a 400% premium for worse ad placements.

This in turn leads to you paying more money for poorer quality leads to your site.


What is a landing page experience? 

Google Ads uses landing page experience to measure how well-connected your landing page is to your ad. If they judge you to have a poor page experience you will pay more for ad clicks and your ads may not show at all. 

Page experience in Google Search is evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Core Web Vitals – speed, responsiveness, and stability of the page loading experience for users
  • Mobile usability – a mobile URL must have no mobile usability errors in order to qualify for Good status
  • HTTPS usage – a page must be served over HTTPS to be eligible for Good page experience

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How to improve your Google Ads’ landing page experience

As mentioned above, Google only wants to promote pages with good user experience, as it wants to provide a good experience for its customers. 

Below are some best practice tips for how to improve your landing page experience:

  • Pay attention to page speed – the faster your page loads, the more likely your prospect will be to view your offer and subsequently convert
  • Make your pages mobile-optimised – your landing pages need to reformat and restructure automatically for any device, regardless of screen size
  • Ensure your page is relevant to the ad –  your landing page should be an extension of your ad. You need to ensure relevance and message-match.
  • Personalise your page for different audience segments – your landing page should be designed specifically for the audience segment that lands on it.
  • Ease of navigation – organise and design your page so users find it easy to navigate and don’t have to hunt for crucial information.
  • Increase credibility – your post-click landing page should include elements that make users feel comfortable entering their contact details
  • Add a clear, contrasting CTA button – it’s essential to ensure your CTA is prominent and personalised to the offer. 


A/B test your landing pages

When using paid ads to drive traffic to your landing page, you will want to A/B test. When done correctly, running tests on your landing pages will not only reduce your cost per click and cost per conversion, it will also increase your conversions and leave you with more budget to run bigger, more successful ad campaigns.

Now go and optimise your landing pages

Your landing pages play a huge role when it comes to your PPC campaigns. Even slight improvements to your PPC landing pages can lower the bid prices for your campaigns and increase your conversions.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your customers’ experience from first touch through to conversion let’s talk.

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