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Kia Website Transformation

BFJ Digital leveraged our deep expertise in this field to craft a digital presence for 7 prominent car dealerships including Toowong Kia & Toowong Mitsubishi. Through a series of in-depth customer experience workshops and careful strategising, we laid the foundation for a comprehensive project. This encompassed everything from aesthetic design and content production, to technical development and sustained management, marking every step of this transformative journey.

Driving Digital Dominance: Mastering Localised SEO

Spanning across seven unique car dealership websites, this strategy optimised local citations to boost organic rankings, tailored to each dealership and their individual market territories. This approach amplified their online presence, bridging the gap between national brand awareness and local market appeal.

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Through the creation of seven distinct dealership websites and a tailored SEO strategy, we propelled digital triumph to the limelight.

We added2 minutes to the average user engagement time
  • Planning and communication aided in developing a blueprint to envision this transformation through the lens of brand new websites.
  • Curated engaging content including video for each website
  • Developed advanced functionality, parallel with the customer journey to create a great user experience
  • Delivered the revamped websites & tailored SEO approach

We increased page views by 61%


Beginning with comprehensive briefings and collaborative sessions, we crafted a distinctive customer journey blueprint prior to any design work. This step ensured a clear grasp of the website's objectives and the targets we aimed to accomplish
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The result was a cutting-edge WordPress website, incorporating sophisticated functionalities and API integrations to facilitate a seamless user journey for each intended clientele.
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With BFJ Digital at the helm of their ongoing SEO, we ensure consistent monthly optimisation. Our goal is to foster organic growth in pivotal areas, achieving incremental progress month after month.
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