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Henzells Agency Digital Marketing

Henzells Agency is the longest-operating and largest full-service independent property agency on the Sunshine Coast, operating since 1935 and one of BFJ’s oldest clients. Henzells Agency isn’t just a real estate agency, they have always stood as a cornerstone within the community, and our task was to fortify and emphasise this fundamental truth.

Henzells and BFJ Digital have fostered a 14-year partnership, working together on Programmatic, Google, and Meta performance marketing campaigns. These collaborative efforts are geared towards amplifying awareness for the agency itself, as well as its clients' properties, projects, and sales agents.

“If you want to build a database, contact BFJ." - Henzells Commercial Manager

Our team executed a series of advertising campaigns across platforms such as Google Ads, Meta Ads, and programmatic channels. The multifaceted campaigns encompassed the promotion of select properties for Henzell's clientele, community engagement, recruitment drives, and targeted awareness initiatives for specific Henzell projects. Each of these strategies yield an outstanding ROI, characterised by consistency in their delivery.


What BFJ delivered167,000 +Website visits annually
  • Sustained results in competitive market conditions
  • 4.57 million ad impressions annually
  • 1.34 million complete video views
  • 7k+ property leads annually
  • In-depth analysis reports per property

High End Property Campaigns

We executed targeted lead-generation campaigns for premium commercial and residential properties, which led to a surge of warm leads for Henzells property agents. Utilising gated content and top-tier creative materials, we attracted users to share their contact information in exchange for detailed property brochures.
$7.09 per premium lead

Customised Marketing Deliverables

Individualised campaigns were designed for every property, ensuring a perfect alignment between the target buyer and the property showcased. Since several properties were being marketed at the same time, careful coordination was essential to avoid any internal competition among Henzells' ads that would result in higher ad costs, while still maximising the breadth of potential audiences reached.
Property Image
Through strategic expansion, we successfully increased our presence across various ad platforms, identifying the most suitable outlets to enhance consumer outreach and drive higher acquisition rates though non traditional means, such as OOH advertising.
Auditing media platform data revealed an opportunity to decrease acquisition costs, increase revenue and simplify the budget decisions, all via improved attribution.
Property Image

Ben and his team have been an integral part of the Henzells digital and media journey over the years. The team are approachable, knowledgeable and always keen to try new methods to increase our exposure. A++

Katherine, General Manager, Henzells Agency

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