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At BFJ Digital, we specialise in working with mid to large ecommerce businesses to create and manage high-performing Google Ads Shopping campaigns. Leveraging your products and our 15 year Award Winning digital team, we have a proven track record of success. Our advanced strategies will drive real ROI for your ecommerce business.

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    Get higher conversion rates, more sales, and a better return on investment.

    Do you want to take your Google Shopping ads to the next level and start generating more sales and profit?

    At BFJ Digital we go beyond the basics to create customised Google Ads Shopping strategies that are tailored to hit your business' ecommerce targets.

    Our approach to your product feed is not only to optimise your Shopping Ads but your organic presence with Google Merchant Centre. We can work with any website to develop a top notch product feed to serve the best ads and a seamless shopping experiencing showcasing your product’s imagery, title, price, store name, and more.

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    Unleash the Power of Advanced eCommerce Marketing

    • Optimise ad budgets for maximum ROI
    • Run thousands of ad variations on a single product
    • Dynamic product information for effortless ad updates
    • Target new customers looking for your products
    • Uncover winning ad strategies through rigorous testing
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    Dynamic Creative & Product Feed Optimisation

    Ready for the secret sauce?

    Not only have we mastered Google Shopping Ads, but all channels with our advanced product feed optimisation.

    Learn more about how we can scale your ecommerce business with our customised product feed & channel strategies.

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    eCommerce & Website Development for Ecobin

    "BFJ Digital's website & eCommerce marketing delivery has meant as a business we've increased stats across the board without having to increase marketing budgets. If you look at the quality of the website, visually and technically; it's the best in the industry."
    John Engelandar, Founder of EcobinEcobin’s Shopify Website Development
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    • Create sustainable ROI in all your Marketing Channels.

    Working with a Google Shopping Ads Agency

    What makes BFJ's approach more advanced than other agencies?

    Our approach is data-driven and results-focused. We don't just manage campaigns; we craft them to perform and scale. Unlike smaller agencies, BFJ Digital has access to cutting-edge tools and platforms, allowing us to provide insights and optimisations that others cannot. Our team's expertise in managing substantial marketing budgets means we're adept at making data work harder and smarter for your business. We're not just about clicks; we're about the right clicks that convert into sales.

    How does BFJ run Google Shopping campaigns for larger e-commerce businesses?

    At BFJ Digital, we elevate Google Shopping campaigns by deploying a blend of industry-leading technology and tailored strategies. Our approach begins with a deep analysis of your product range, market position, and competition landscape. By leveraging smart shopping campaigns and integrating with custom product feed systems, we ensure your products don't just appear but stand out in search results.

    What is Google Shopping?

    Harness the power of visual product displays on Google with our Google Shopping services. This feature slots your products into the search ecosystem, under a special 'Shopping' tab for instant visibility. After importing your products into the Google Merchant Center, they can then be connected and pushed to various online shopping feeds including Google Shopping and Google Ads. Our process ensures that when potential customers query products, yours stand out and drive traffic directly back to your site.

    How do I build a Google Shopping campaign?

    A successful Google Shopping campaign is built upon detailed product listings and strategic segmentation. At BFJ Digital, we meticulously optimise your listings to align with user searches, enhancing your products' visibility and driving higher conversion rates.

    How much do Google Shopping Ads Cost?

    Google Shopping Ads operate on a flexible pay-per-click model, allowing you to align your investment with specific business goals and budgetary constraints. Our expertise at BFJ Digital lies in optimising your ad spend, ensuring each campaign delivers a substantial return on investment.

    How can Google Shopping Ads help my ecommerce business?

    Google Shopping Ads are a key driver for generating qualified traffic to ecommerce platforms. At BFJ Digital, we leverage our advertising strategy to place your products in front of the right customers, significantly boosting your brand's online presence and sales potential.

    How can I measure the performance of my Google Shopping Ads Campaign?

    Performance measurement of your Google Shopping Ads is streamlined when partnering with BFJ Digital, thanks to our transparent and comprehensive reporting. Independently, key indicators such as ROI, clicks, and conversion rates provide valuable insights into campaign efficacy and areas for adjustment. When you work with BFJ, we tailor our reporting to ensure you know the value and profitability of your Google Shopping Ads.

    Why is a product feed so important for Google Shopping campaigns ?

    Your product feed is the lifeblood of your store, the product feed is all your products bundled so that any shopping channels can read it and enable shopping campaigns with live information from your website.

    How do I improve my product feed management?

    Improving your product feed is how you will continually beat your competitor in market. Enhancing the information of each of your products for each specific channel to tailor to how those channels need to serve your ads. This enhancement can come right from your store, a intermediary tool or on the channel itself. At BFJ we use intermediary tools to give you a cutting edge above your competitors.

    How do I get my product feed into Google Shopping?

    To get any Google Shopping Campaign to run you need to have your feed go into Google Merchant Centre. At BFJ we can save you hundreds of hours integrating, implementing and optimising your product feed.