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Karmo Premium Car Subscription Website & CRM

Karmo sought out BFJ to undertake a complete overhaul of their website, aimed at enhancing user experience across various Karmo service lines. The project's goals included not only a revamped website but also the elevation of SEO rankings and online presence. BFJ was enlisted to craft this new user-friendly design and to further improve the conversion and lead tracking process through the integration with CRM sales systems.

Excellence in Digital Transformation.

It's essential that businesses like Karmo continually strive to outpace the competition. Guiding Karmo through this journey has been a rewarding experience for our team. At BFJ, we adapted to suit Karmo's specific needs, aiding in the audit, design, and selection of the necessary systems.

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We increased the number of keywords for Karmo by272That are in the top 100 organic keyword results
  • New Website
  • Systems Audit
  • CRM Build

How does a CRM help my team?

Aligning core business activities with your processes and systems allows for optimised resource utilisation, smoother workflow execution, and better strategic decision-making.

Increased Efficiency

Partnering with BFJ Digital to Bring Your Business into the Modern Age.

Initially, we conduct interviews with the staff and meticulously document the existing processes. Recognising that we're dealing with individuals with ingrained daily habits is crucial. Once we've been able to replicate the process, we then look for opportunities to incorporate enhancements into that flow. To support this transformation, we provide tailored training sessions and conduct weekly check-ins to offer specialised instruction and guidance.
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A key aspect of our collaboration involves conducting a strategic audit and workshop to thoroughly comprehend your business and the top competitors within your sector. This understanding helps us identify successful strategies that can be emulated on your new website, allowing us to build on those successes with innovative improvements.
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By comprehending the fundamental issues within the business, BFJ is equipped to evaluate, define, and scrutinise each problem. From there, we design a system that not only enhances marketing efforts but also boosts revenue across various departments.
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