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Alondra Property Marketing

BFJ Digital played a significant role in selling out Alondra Residences, a boutique retirement village comprising 52 luxury apartments, amidst the challenges of the Covid period—achieving this remarkable feat before its scheduled timeframe.
Through a collaborative effort with the client, the developed marketing mix empowered an agile approach, which proved invaluable in navigating the turbulent period.

Agile marketing mix enabled selling during Covid

BFJ Digital's solution to help Alondra retirement property included a full digital and traditional marketing plan that was overhauled upon assuming the project from a previous agency.

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What BFJ Delivered+150%Real platform CPAs unlocked
  • Improved attribution modeling
  • Increased media performance
  • Agile offline and online media mix
  • Sales team feedback drove media optimisation
  • Programmatic Media
  • Paid search and SEO
  • Social Media
  • Hubspot automation

Decreased sales acquisition cost

With a large reduction in sales marketing costs, a surplus budget was achieved.

Digital marketing audit process

The first task was to determine what data existed and what reporting methodology was in place. Rebuilding the attribution meant an improved understanding of success.
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Rebuilding all performance media enabled a far more sophisticated media strategy. Transitioning from a siloed approach to a fluid marketing budget that aligned with lead generation resulted in a 100% reduction in CPA. Additionally, we implemented offline media initiatives, which further enhanced our holistic media approach.
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Analysing the data revealed the necessity for a transformative customer experience that seamlessly extended to sales. By enhancing Alondra’s utilisation of their HubSpot CRM with comprehensive tracking, the same team could now deliver real-time lead feedback, streamlining the customer journey process and elevating the marketing performance.
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retirement property marketing

We began our partnership with BFJ in mid 2021. They are very good at what they do - very professional and talented. They have done and continue to improve our digital performance. And as importantly they are a great team to work with - very good people.

Tricia, Marketing Manager, Alondra Residences

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